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Unban Appeal for unbanq 

In-game Name: quartz

Server: Forums

Steam ID: 76561198161288736

The date you got banned: 03/25/18

Member of the team that banned you: I don't know

Reason given for your ban: 1.6 Community ban - Ket blanket ban

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for being part of a toxic group which made others' experiences not fun to say the least.

Why should we unban you ?: As of the mass un-ban that happened recently, I have been un-banned from both the ARMA 3 and the Teamspeak server. I re-joined the server recently and I managed to catch up with many old friends and since then have had a great time. I want to be able to interact with the community via the forums and see how things have changed. I was banned 3 years ago which is plenty of time for a lot of stuff to happen. Regardless, I consider that I am reformed and no longer an impediment to the RPUK community.

If I do manage to get unbanned, I'd greatly appreciate my other un-ban account being deleted since I cannot sign out of it.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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The steamid you gave us, is that a account of yours? cause its not in our system. but the account exist. 

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Ok thank you. I will pass this on to management to have you removed from the banned group. This make take some time. Until it is done, I will leave this appeal open and I will notify you here once it have been done. Thank you. 

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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord


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