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The Padrinos

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The Padrinos was originally led by Mr. Antonio Smith. Also known as Il Padrino [ the godfather ] along with his right-hand man Daniel smith.

The Padrino's are one of five families in control of the Sicilian Mafia that operates In Italy and New York.  Amongst them, they run the weapon distribution business and all the illegal activities that come along with it.  They hired several top lawyers and kept their legitimate businesses running legal and above board to cover their tracks.

Il Padrino decided to send his brother Daniel over to Los Santos to expand the business.  this later proved to be a mistake Il Padrino wasn't happy with the results and after hearing that his brother was disgracing the family name, he immediately sent his oldest son Hamza, Hamza took over and righted the mess left by his uncle. 

One year went by.  Hamza received a phone call from his brother Pablo, breaking the news that their father had sadly passed away.  Il Padrino's last request was that his oldest son would take over from him. Hamza soon flew back to Italy and fulfilled his father's last wishes by taking over as the new Family head, leaving his younger brother Pablo in charge to run and grow the Los Santos operations.


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Update on The Story
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14 minutes ago, Richard Bainbridge said:

The Lost MC do not take kindly to groups claiming our property as there own!


We will be in contact.


'The Almighty Forgives, The Lost Don't'.

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@Qrow @Richard Bainbridge  We had the Meeting with the Lost Mc's and taking our Club claim back. After the agreement we will rent the Club out for meetings and in the near Future put an Offer for it. 

Amazing seeing the Lost Mc's and looking forward to build a good business relation.


Mr Hamza.


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The Padrinos First Official Event 

It was a very nice event and we thank everyone who came to the auction.

Some Pics Below :

The Diner 


Getting ready for the Auction 


The Auction 


Auction time !


Thanks you all for attending !


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