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Jay/Jason Olsen & Joe Maynard - TOP LADS

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Just wanted to say thanks to Jason and Joe for providing non-stop quality RP and making situations out of next to nothing. We've all had our discussions in relation to grinding (😉) in the server and they always stay positive and create fun RP filled scenarios for me and others.

Jason is also extremely active on both the forums and discord, providing help to new players and giving them pointers about what to do and how to stay within the rules whilst having a good laugh.

First came into the server over a month ago and the first thing I did was run into these two being the Canals Neighbourhood Watch and instantly wanted in! Since then being in the Lotus we've provided some good scenarios for people around the city and are always looking to get into more. If you see us/them around feel free to say hello as they're always looking to get into more situations wether they lose or gain within the server.

Just wanted to say thanks to these two for making my time in the city all the more enjoyable. (We won't talk about their weed office...)


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Thank you, Danny.

Certainly a lot to explore on FiveM and do and we try and bring some humour and different concepts to keep people on their toes. We sometimes have periods of time where we cannot get on together due to real life commitments but when we are together do look to think of new ideas.

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