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Ed Williams and John Churchill who work @ the Casino!

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Was having a pretty shit day, went down the casino to gamble a little bit and to take mind off things, and honestly these 2 gentlemen are great role players, mature, not cheeky , funny and just generally good blokes had a blast when I was with them, cheered me right up aswell

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Funnily enough, I had the complete opposite experience with both of these gentlemen, in which I can only call it, the Holiday, from Hell.


Firstly, I'm confronted as "that guy" whilst I'm sinking my chips into the High Roller table. It's where I sit, dealer knows me personally, people know I have B A N K.


Anyway, I have an Idea, businessman, entreupeuner, innovator. I go pitch.


Get invited up to the Penthouse, kindly oblige, the following then persists:


  • Encouraged to stand in Pit of fire for extended periods of time
  • Repeatedly invited to "Look" over the edge
  • Offered a bet of £100,000 that I "can't jump off the edge and survive"
  • Punched from roof and propelled at speed towards ground
  • Witness to attempted bribes in the region of £4,000,000 not to help me (NHS)
  • Angry man locks up casino doors
  • Angrier man tries repeatedly to drive me over in customers car
  • Crazy man assaults both with a SportsDirect 9 Iron (that's me)

 Extensive car journey ensues, resulting in all three best friends at the Naked Community, Crazy Man (me) decides to assault Naked Community Inhabitant with 9 Iron, suddenly gets Zerged by armed, incestuous, presumably cannibalistic, thugs.


Overall, not a great experience, lost over 300 Blue Chips, would probably go again, if offered on Groupon or Wowcher, 7/10


TL:DR - Nearly died, killed them, died myself

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