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El Rancho Holdings

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Founded 01/03/2021, William Green the founder had been doing solo work within mining and noticed a real problem for people who want to do an honest job, people would become lost and head down a dangerous path to becoming an upcoming gangster or more likely a fish(Dead). To prevent this dastardly road for upcoming citizens he decided to create an investment firm. To invest in potential business men/women, who have the right skills in attaining money, friends and businesses. One of the first businesses we obtained a stake in was El Rancho Supermercado on El Rancho Boulevard, which quickly became a massive money maker for the owners and in turn investors. Allowing for further investments in Los Santos. El Rancho Holdings currently owns El Rancho Customs (LSCustoms, Grand Senora), invested in Tequi-la-la and El Rancho Store (Supermercado). *Headquarters yet to be purchased - Potential sites being looked into*

Founder & Owner - William Green

CEO - Adelaide Fallon

CEO - Alex Laker 

CEO - Gustav Gustavo

CEO - Anonymous

What does this company do?

It is an investment firm that has many assets across different cities and has decided to find businesses and individuals to invest in within Los Santos. We are known for investing in individuals who are looking to improve themselves and others around them with great ideas or just expanding their capabilities with other assets.  

What differentiates this company from others?

We like to take a hands-on approach to assisting companies and individuals in becoming the best they can via many routes. We provide a social media presence for the companies controlled by us, we like to subsidize the costs in becoming a member or employee of the El Rancho franchise (50% off licenses). And also provide advice and assets to allow them to reach the highest levels of performance. 

We have a prisoner rehabilitation plan for offenders that have proven to be good inmates within the prison system… allowing once reprobates to become upstanding citizens. Gruppe6 and police can bring forward potential candidates they see fit. 

And additionally we have multiple access points to jobs held underneath the El Rancho Holdings title, these include Mining, Smelting, Delivery work, concierge, Mechanic, social media influencer and Designer (Logos and banners).

If you feel as though you want to join an expanding business we have plenty of opportunities please apply via this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScwbkaGG00plsrDmn7buwCd-qBVIwsV2f1fSWRndl2fsneB2w/viewform

Furthermore if you need to contact us for potential investments and for any other enquiries call: 679-2766.

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