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Unban Appeal - MrWilliam - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for MrWilliam 

In-game Name: Svensson Svensson

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198176889495

Ban ID: rpuk#552

Reason given for your ban: Exploiting Bug - Not Reporting

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because i found an exploit to pretty much get any ammount of money i wanted. It was not a regular duplication glitch or a way to farm small stacks of cash. I could simply input a number ang get that ammount of cash if i wanted to. Im not going to go into detail about how it exactly worked even tho im pretty sure its been patched. But it involved using the player owned buisness management bank account. When i found this glitch i didnt report it and instead i used it to become very very rich. Then i mooved around 200 million pounds into an alt steam account so that i would not get banned on my main account. The next day i logged onto fiveM and saw that my main account had been banned. It didnt tell me exactly why , it just said ''illegal client'' so i hopped onto teamspeak to ask what it meant. After a little bit an admin joined the voice chat and he said that i had spawned in 200 million on an alt account. This is where i was really really stupid. I denied it because i was very nervous and ashamed, i didnt know how to handle the situation because im very bad at confrontations so instead i denied it and left the teamspeak like a coward. That is the whole story of why i got banend. i didnt explain how exactly the exploit worked because im not entirely sure if it was patched or not and im not sure if people can see this or not but i can send a link to an unlisted youtube clip of the exploit if needed

Why should we unban you ?: Ever since i got banned i have learnt that gtaRP or RP in general is not about being rich or having money without working for it. Its about making your own story and having somewhere to escape to after a day of school or work. I met some really great friends on GTA RP and it was some of the most fun ive ever had in gaming. I have been playing altis life for years but recently i have lost intrest in altis life because even if it has some very good moments of roleplay it is still a tactical shooter that honestly im not very good at and its harder to create an organic story on altis life than it is on gta. gta has alot more tools for roleplay such as a phone that you can call people on and different apps like twitter and reddit. and the car dealerships that are run by real players. it makes the whole experience one million times more immersive. The only time i have played GTA RP is on this server and i only gave it a shot because i liked this altis life server. after i got banned on gtaRP i searched for another server for a very long time but i never found one as high quality, well polished and clean looking as this one. All of them either had a very cunfusing and annoying clothing system or was not as high quality roleplay as i would have wanted. So after i got banned i never really picked up fiveM again. It was a massive mistake to exploit a bug like that and i wouldnt ever do it again. It takes away the point of the game because it is not fun for me or for anyone else if i just have everything without working for it. Its fun when you buy a cool looking and fast car when you have worked for it because it makes you feel a sense of proudness that you have achived it. But if you just get millions of pounds from an exploit it is only fun for a few minutes and then you get bored very quickly and loose intrest in the game. I belive that even if i was greedy when i found the exploit that i can still provide a good quality of roleplay. If i do get unbanned i will not be focusing on money . i just want to get ingame and meet people and make stories and have fun like i used to do. I know that what i did is unforgiveable but i am going to try and ask for a second chance one final time.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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Why would you think that this is something you could do and get away with?

Why would you go to all the lengths you did to try and hide this?

You say you realise how silly all of this was now, you have been apart of this community for years. Why now would you decide to exploit the server for some virtual money?

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I honestly don't know why i thought i would be able to get away with it. I guess i thought id get lucky. I tried to hide it because i was stupid, i knew that it was impossible to hide but i tried anyway. we all make mistakes sometimes and this was a really big one that i made. i didn't realize how unfair it was towards everyone else and how much of an advantage it was which was really stupid and i regret it.

I had been doing meth runs pretty much all day every day and usually they would end up with me getting arrested or robbed. When i finally had enough money tho i went and checked a couple of player owned buisnesses to see if i could affoard them and i found one that was for sale for about 400k i think it was. it was the store at the very north on the highway. i spent all of my money that i had been working for the last couple of days hoping that it would be worth the investment. a while later i went to the store and i saw that there had been no purchases. at which point i was beginning to feel like i had made a terrible purchase when i bought the store because i was never going to profit from it. i didnt really know how the store worked and thats when i started playing with the menus and eventually found the glitch. And after days of getting robbed and arrested and sometimes having a successful meth run i was tired of it. I just wanted to not have to worry about money so thats why i decided to use the glitch. I know now how unfair it is that everyone else still had to do runs while i just got it for free and i really regret it

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Yes this is the steam id that is for my main account and its the one i used the exploit on. However i think that it might have been my alt with the money on it which got banned in the first place because it had all the money on it.


My main account's steam id (the one i used to exploit):  76561198176889495

My alt account's steam id (the one i used to store money): 76561198369245088

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Right, so what i am thinking is. You have come back after some time away and you know how silly this all was. It goes without saying that you know better and you know you should report things like this in the future. 

Now, i am willing to unban you. However you are going to have to agree to a full character wipe and start again. I believe that will help with the fresh start you said you are after. Do you agree to this?


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Yes absolutely. I was not expecting to come back and keep the character. I only want to come back and enjoy good times. Thank you for giving me a second chance! I will report anything like this in the future without hesitation.

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Okay, your account on steam 76561198176889495 (svensson svensson)

Will be the one that will have a full character wipe. This has been passed on to devs so we have no ETA for this. I will keep you updated here when this is completed and you are unbanned.

Your other account, will remain banned.

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Okay @MrWilliam

You are now unbanned. Your account (Svensson svensson) has now been unbanned. All of your assets on this account have been seized by the city council and you may be able to re-purchase them again in a auction at a later date. Your bank accounts have been frozen. You now have a new ID card which you will need to use going forward.

Enjoy and welcome back. 

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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord


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