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The Dawn of Dagos 

What was left of Dagos remains no more……or so you would think.

In-between cleaning tables and lifting heavy bars, Movin Dagos meticulously arranged his thoughts. He started devising a scheme to start recuperating even before he was ready to leave the slammer’s walls. As such, through numerous visitations and prison phone calls, he created a Cartel network from within the prison, setting himself up for the path to greatness once again. 

Upon release from prison and in the midst of Los Santos chaos, Movin and his older brother Mark, came together to build the foundations for their organization. The name ‘Dagos Cartelrang through the city streets, creating menace for some, yet prosperity and hope for others.

Fascinated by the opportunities presented in the city, the brothers had one goal in mind: to breakthrough and make it big as an organization. Through rapidly establishing themselves within the drug and gun trade of Los Santos, alongside focusing on forming tight relations with other gangs and communities, Dagos Cartel began to thrive. 

In order to aid the expansion of the Cartel, a sister organization was created: Titan. With aims to provide new arrivals with a helping hand, as well as issuing mining jobs to fulfil, Titan became a legal forefront for Dagos Cartel. 


Establishing ourselves 

In the wake of countless mining and smelting runs, the need for finding a place to call home grew day by day. This necessity led to the uncovering of an abandoned warehouse south east of Los Santos - in the heart of the city’s industrial area. With a new base of operations now established, Titan has expanded its reach to the outskirts of the city while also developing a place to call their own. 

Titan’s Ascent 

Titan - an organization that would carry on the Dagos legacy, initially through legal means, specializing in both the mining and smelting industries of Los Santos. However, due to rising conflicts throughout the city, Titan has decided to reignite its former Dagos principles.

This brings us to the present day; having made both friends and foes alike, what is now known as ‘Titan’ has taken upon the goal to leave their mark in Los Santos for good; whether that be a blessing or a curse.




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Relocation & Renovation

Upon facing a few complications in regards to warehouse ownership, Titan decided it was best to relocate to a new, improved place to call their own. After scouting the ins and outs of Los Santos once more, "Rogers Salvage & Scrap" appeared to be the most appealing area to permanently call home. By not only providing a safe haven for Titan's ever-growing manpower, but also a place of work (recycling and scrapping materials), this scrap yard undoubtedly seemed to be the perfect fit. 




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