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Compensation Request - Shai - GTA RP

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Compensation Request

In-game Name: Shai Kavs

Game: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198337389712

The date when this happened: 05/09/21

Please provide full detail and evidence: It was around 2am, I was at Pablo Wayne (Ram's) house because I had my .50 Pistol and 33 bullets stored there. I took both the weapon and bullets and put it in my inventory from the house storage. Me and Pablo were still inside the house when the server crashed. When I logged back onto the server I did not have any of the items that I had taken from the house (Because I had also taken minor things like lockpicks and repair kits). I guessed that due to the crash happening so soon after me taking the items and also me not leaving the house that maybe it didn't sync and it was still in the house however when I went back inside Pablo's house to get the items the thing's I had taken pre-crash were no longer there.
I made a discord ticket regarding this, due to the crash being unexpected and me not thinking this would cause the items to disappear, I did not record any of it. I was told to make a compensation request from the ticket, hopefully there is something that can be done.

Link to any evidence:

Lost items and total value of compensation: x1 .50 Pistol, x33 Pistol bullets

Please confirm you have read and understand our Compensation Request terms: Yes


Thankyou for your submission

Our staff team will get back to you in this topic ASAP! In the meantime please ensure the details you have submitted above are correct.



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29 minutes ago, DCC Deathstroke said:

First i need your correct steam ID


Apologies, this should be correct now.

Edited by Shai
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After i got confirmation from Pablo Wayne (Ram's) and we usually denied any request comes with no evidence, but since another staff member winees the situation,
so your Compensation Request will be accpted for the foowling items :


Pistol x1
Pistol Ammo x33

 Compensation Request - Accepted



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