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rip pony

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I didn't really get to spend much time with Pony, only recently coming across him often through a mutual friend. Not sure what shit he got up to in his gang life, as wasn't' really my thing, but seemed like a funny and genuine guy. Sad news to hear.

(But interested to see what you come up with next..!)

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Gonna miss Ricardo 😞 

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PC Raymond Fowler LSPS | Jefe De Marabunta Grande Joshua Cortes | Robert Callaghan | Senior Security Officer Grandad

episode 1 police GIF by BBC

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On this day, my nephew has left the city :'(. He may have been rambunctious and sometimes just a tad bit annoying but blood is blood and family will be forever. I'll miss you Pony ❤️

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Thank god.

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  • "It's like wanking then staring at the tissue" - INS JxM (Speaking about watching the other teams play of the game on Overwatch).
  • "I'm too young for you, but your not too old for me" - SGT Humzah
  • "I'm sorry darling, I'm pissed out my face. I wont be loud any more. I'm not gonna keep you up all night, alright love? I'm not going to be like 'oi cunt put your hands up bang bang bang'" - John Carter talking to his misses
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20 minutes ago, TikTak said:

Awww this is so sad new!
Ricardo Salvador best snitch in los santos!


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