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Unban Appeal - Paul Clarke - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for Paul Clarke 

In-game Name: Paul Clarke

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198166824769

Ban ID: rpuk#4117

Reason given for your ban: C1.10 C2.3

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Hello, i was banned because i left when we were being chased by police, and for not having a mic apparently i think my keybind was set wrong as i had talked to others around me and it was working fine.

Why should we unban you ?: I am new to the sever, i had only been playing for a few days and had not read the rules, and now i have, i am in the wrong i do apologize, i really like the server, i love playing with my friends, all i ask for is a second chance, thank you for your time.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes


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3 hours ago, Paul Clarke said:

Where will i join exactly ?


Please join 'Join for support'

George Harris 

The Firm | Director

2017 - - 2021

 Level 4 Staff Member   Ex- Chief Inspector    Ex-Capo Of Poseidon    Ex-NHS Doctor 

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If you have now read the rules, quote me the rules you broke and why you have been banned for these reasons. (You can skip the no mic rule but you can explain why your keybind for a soundboard worked but not your actual mic)

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3 hours ago, Paul Clarke said:

Apologies i am back and i broke was i left during a police chase C2.3 which says i broke charater which might explain this. thank you!


Are you sure C2.3 means you broke character? Lets try that one again, shall wel?

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Ah my mistake i looked at G2.3 as it were in the gtaRp rules C2.3 is: (C2.3) Combat logging - Logging out at any point during RP is exploiting. Some examples of this include: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, while dead awaiting a medic, logging out in order to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained. Punishment is a permanent ban. Staff can make an informed decision depending on if you’ve made an attempt to resolve the issue. We do suggest you attempt to rejoin the server and continue the roleplay (try messaging them with the mobile system first). Which i see i did break i apologize i wish to get back to playing with my freinds as soon as i can, thank you for your time.


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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord


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