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Unban Appeal - jeffshawshank - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for jeffshawshank 

In-game Name: jeff shawshank

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561199093859601

Ban ID: 4295

Reason given for your ban: G2.3 G1.2

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I think I was banned because a member of staff only got to watch half of a situation, the situation was ongoing from the hospital but the admin in question only seen me in the legion square when I shot the guy's tyres and then told the police to get a real job.

Why should we unban you ?: You should unban me because this was all done in roleplay, the situation started at the hospital, I parked my car in the bush by the door so it wouldn't get stolen & then when I pulled it out I just sat there waiting for a friend to finish, then these 2 guys started to fuck about they got in my car randomly and I told them to get out, he then starts trying to "disme" by insulting my real-life mother I then told him that if he wanted to get shot he was going about it the right way they then proceeded to provoke me more so I drove away, probably 20 minutes later I drove into legion square seen them and that's where I shot their tyres. When I was arrested I told the police to get a real job, people do that on the server every day and aren't banned, it was in roleplay. I don't know why I've been banned for G2.3 when it states "Roleplay everything" that's exactly what I did, nothing was out of RP. I also don't feel like me shooting the tyres of the vehicle considering what happened beforehand warrants a ban either every situation has context and I feel like the member of staff that banned me didn't have any context of the situation and that's what lead to my ban.

I have kept my nose clean since my last ban and I think the 6 months that I was told I'd be permanently banned in for any rule break is up, I log on to the server quite regularly drive around with mates and keep myself to myself, for the most part, I just want to be unbanned to roleplay some more & speak to some friends in the city that I otherwise don't get a chance to speak to.

Thank you for your time,

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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This is my point from the admin cam. I see the 2 people steal a car. drive up to a guy on a bike you come and start shit talking to them about have a local car they then start driving off and you start shorting tires and drive off without any warning towards or why you where shot there tires. 

Police then come and you come back in the same car and police arrest you which you go mental on them is all fair still in rp but when they take you to PD and take your gun you start going out of rp telling that they should get real police job and getting really angry at them and that was not in rp at all that was pure anger from you. 

And if i'm not mistaken i spoke to you ingame  in the troin suit where you had terrible attitude towars me when i spoke to you. 



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Thanks for the reply Deleter, 

As you said yourself in your reply you have only seen half of the situation, I appreciate the fact that there is active staff administrating the server but sometimes pulling someone aside and asking some questions may-be, why did you shoot those tires with little RP? or, Why are you saying to get a real police job? I'd have been able to explain myself and you'd have been able to understand that none of it was out of RP or at least intended to be taken as being out of RP. 

My comments towards the police were pure frustration, "Go get a real police job" is said to the police on this server daily and as far as I'm aware reading these unban appeals I'm the only person to be banned for saying it. It's in RP, Nothing more, nothing less, a moment of frustration being arrested and losing all of my stuff I worked for, granted I shot in legion and probably deserved the prison sentence. 

Speaking to you with a shit attitude was probably the wrong thing to do, however, in the head of the moment after just being arrested and sent to jail to be pulled aside by an admin and questioned about the situation that had just played out and got me annoyed in the first place you'd expect me to be slightly angry & annoyed. I could have handled the whole thing a lot better than I did and I understand that but to be honest, I still think this ban is unjustified, but I'm sorry for any wrongdoing from myself, I just want to come back and play the server with my mates. I was banned 6 months ago, got unbanned and this is the first time I've even been on the radar or been spoken to & I believe my 6 months should have been up from my chance? 

When I spoke to you in the prison I also feel like I answered everything that you asked me as good as you could have wanted me to answer, you were asking me questions & I was answering them as you would have wanted me to, yes I had an attitude but as I explained above that is probably to be expected after what had just happened. You seemed to me like you were happy with the answers, I told you that I was essentially playing my hot-headed character and then you banned me on the spot. 


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Hello @jeffshawshank

"go get a real police job" - Now I could be mistaken, but how could this not be considered going out of rp? To me, it seems as though you are telling the officer to go get a police job in real life. If this is not the case then please explain to me how it was supposed to be.

Staff Level 4 // Ex-Poseidon Baron // Malden Police - NCA - SGT

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I understand that it may sound like it was out of RP but the additional word to that sentence is what made it sound like it, I never meant it to sound like it either, I was trying to get at they should be doing a real police job and catching the gangs who are driving around just shooting people through Legion Square and not just little old me who shot someone's tires because they went out of RP and insulted my parents, of which I didn't take too kindly too. 
I totally understand how it sounds & I'll hold my hands up and say that I should probably have thought about what I was saying before I said it, it sounds like it was meant as an out of character go join the police in real life but it was never intended to sound like that or be taken that way. I'll make sure I avoid situations like that and when I'm being dealt with by the police, I'll just do as they ask and won't try to argue any point then I'll contact someone for legal advice to try and get me out of that scenario.

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Given your history if you end up being banned again there will be 6 months minimum without an appeal. Do not make me regret this decision.



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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord


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