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Car windows smashing

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Can confirm this has happened to me also a few times if you're near a parking spot a quick fix after repairing it park it up and get it back out and it'll be fixed correctly until its resolved. 

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1 hour ago, garyatkin83 said:

when a car is fixed by a repair kit when you jump back in and drive off all the windows smash and it looks damaged 

The current fix for this, is to put the vehicle in the garage and then take it out again. 

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Do we think this is related to the 'cars / bikes randomly breaking' issues 



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some cars can not be stored lol (locals) i have also noticed now that when i ask for my bike from my garage it spawns in half way under the map so it gets stuck i will record this later and upload it 

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You're not meant to be able to store local cars!

Have the cars you've been repairing and having this smashed-window effect on also been local cars?

9 hours ago, Norman said:

Do we think this is related to the 'cars / bikes randomly breaking' issues 


No, Norman, I don't believe it is.

That thread, FWIW, is about the effect that when a vehicle is removed from storage and has been previously recorded with X amount of damage to bodyshell and Y amount of damage to engine, we cannot, alas, track precisely which panels are dented, which windows are smashed, which tyres have popped, etc, etc. When we pull the vehicle from the garage we do a quick examination of the overall levels of these damages and do a bit of a 'scaled random damage' to the vehicle to represent it. This is what results in its windows smashing upon retrieval, and the tyres being popped. It's the server's 'best guess' at visually recreating SOME degree of damage that is vaguely similar to the level of damage that it had when it went it.

Long, long ago, the garages auto-fixed all damage upon storage, which is BS, but because the system doesn't give us absolute precision, this is as near as we can get. It's basically your signal as a driver that "this vehicle is a bit/a lot/very ill, do something about it!"

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The only way I can replicate this, is if the driver changes. There is only one player that can have active ownership or network control of a car, which I think is where the data comes from when it comes to sync damage, fuel etc. I think if the driver changes before the sync occurs then it won't repair it. I don't think the driver is changing in your circumstances, but seems something is telling the car to return to a previous damage state. At least, I think this maybe what is happening rather than something else damaging it.

Does it happen everytime? As TBJ also said, is it cars you own AND local cars?

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@JasonOtbh mate it has happened with my own cars and locals me and @Lincoln Burrows was chilling and i think we repaired a truck and it happened then and also a postal van but we both do take it in turns to repair it maybe like u said because im repairing it then lincon jumps in and drives we take off it gets confussed because i have repaired it if you get what im saying. but im sure lincon has repaired it and then jumped in and its happened to him too but because it happens so quick i.e repaired and then we have jumped in and drove its not had prop time to sync maybe client issue or server side meaning it does not fully know the damaged thats been caused. there is also and issue now with the trucks and fuel tankers on very rear occasions the actual trailer itself will get stuck inbetween the actual cab too

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I would suggest whoever repairs it

  • Jumps in drivers seat
  • Gets out and repairs
  • Jumps back in drivers seat

Let me know if that still causes it. Does highlight there maybe a sync issue I think, but not sure if there is a fix (as this is something I've known to happen all the time I've played here).

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With some discussion with the developers and reviewing the circumstances, this will have to be put down to a FiveM networking/syncronsing issues which is unavoidable really.

As suggested, whoever looks to repair the vehicle should start in the driver's seat, get out and repair the vehicle, then get back in the driver's seat. The same applies as an issue for refueling. There is a lot of network information being sent to clients and what is happening is the repair isn't necessarily synchronising properly (or at least the cosmetic damage) before someone else jumps in a vehicle.

As a result of this being very difficult to resolve, and an issue mostly out of the developers hands I will reject it. But I do appreciate you making the effort to report it so we can review. Thank you.


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Sorry, either we've been unable to reproduce this bug with enough detail, or its not been considered a bug.
Nevertheless, we appreciate your efforts, please do not be discouraged in submitting new bug reports going forward.

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