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Report a player - Andre - Malden Life


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Report a player 

Your In-game Name: Benjamin

Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Andre

Which server did the incident take place on: Malden Life

Date of the incident: 07/23/21

Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 214

What best describes this incident ?: RDM

Please (in detail) describe the incident: Literally just chilling doing some diamond runs, my truck flips and this guy gets out tells me to put my hands up or hes gonna shoot me, tells me to put them down and drop my stuff, I do it without hassle, he tells me to tell my friend to stop aiming at him or hes going to shoot me, I literally tab out and try to hot mic to tell my friend to stop aiming at him and as I tab out he must of said put your hands up AGAIN (literally gives me about 5 seconds) and I tab back in and I'm dead.

This guy and his gang have literally been RDMing for a few days with 0 RP and such little boring initiation it's literally getting ridiculous at this point. I'm so over trying to resolve with these people as they've literally been doing it for 3 straight days in a row and something needs to be done.

As you can hear in the clip there is literally 0 RP its just "hands up or dead, drop guns or dead, hands up or dead again" like what is this man, it makes the server so boring being a part of this...

Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot):

This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes

You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes

This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes

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 I mean just been messaged by another community member about how badly this person and his gang just RDM's and plays this like a frag server lmao, this is pretty ridiculous. 

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Hello Benjamin and thank you for taking the time to report me. 

It is honestly quite funny that a (role)player like you tries to report me considering your roleplay standard is this :


In every single roleplay scenario that we've seen you participate in, you get extremely frustrated and toxic towards other players for no actual or substantial reason. 

Now about my roleplay, throughout the situation you were speaking over me therefore making it hard for you to hear what I'm actually saying. You were warned many times to not leave the area but to place your hands above your head. Not only did you not do that, you attempted to get back in one of the two vehicles then you simply face me, alt-tab from the game, and finally get shot due to you not complying after being given plenty of time to. 

Your communication with your friend was awful, and because of it you could not hear anything I was saying. 

Yet again at the end you got mad, did not try to resolve the situation in any way shape or form and finally disconnected without even waiting to bleed out right after you said this (bottom left of the picture):



Now to start naming your mistakes in this roleplay scenario, since there are a lot of them :
A) (1.8) Threats to report / disputes / Breaking RP in Voice. There are so many people on the server with all different points of view and disputes and disagreements are all part of the game, however please do not discuss them in-game also do not break RP in voice. For example if someone has RDM’ed you discussing this on the server or saying “I am going to report you” is not allowed. Please use the forums or teamspeak to report or discuss only. Exception: You may contact someone using the text system if they are not on teamspeak or on the forums. Please only attempt to make this contact in effort to resolve the issue, not to antagonise the other player/users/members.

B) If you skip to 3:40 in YOUR video you can hear yourself saying "Shoot him, shoot him". Obviously that would lead to RDM as there was no proper initiation nor roleplaying from your part on me.  Therefore, encouraging your friend to RDM.

(C1.8) Forcing or encouraging another member of the community to break a rule.

C) You were speaking to your friend and never hot-mic'd anything in game, breaking 2.5.
(2.5) You must hot-mic all communications that have been made over teamspeak when they are relevant to influencing the course of roleplay. This means that if you are communicating to fellow team members via Teamspeak and you are in audio proximity range of another player (they can hear you), you must hot mic any commands given so the rival player can overhear. This rule does not apply if both sides are engaged in a gunfight together.

And finally, since you just figured that Alt-F4ing was your best option and did not even wait to be revived/bleed out while in an active gunfight, combat logging/rage-quitting:

1.5) Combat logging at any point during RP is exploiting. Some examples of this include: logging out during a firefight, being chased by the police, arrested by the police, while dead awaiting a medic, logging out in order to save gear, rage-quitting, logging out whilst restrained/detained. Punishment is a permanent ban. Staff can make an informed decision depending on if you’ve made an attempt to resolve the issue. We do suggest you attempt to rejoin the server and continue the roleplay (try messaging them with the mobile system first).

Thank you again for your report, I'd be more than happy to help you resolve this, as it will be more of a problem to you, than it will be to me. Message me via the forums or in-game if you wish to speak about it in Teamspeak. 🙂

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Hello @Benand @AndreasM

This is poor from all sides really. Firstly, @AndreasMyou hit this player with your car then robbed him. I understand that this might have been a mistake but to then use it to your advantage is a clear rule break. 

Secondly, @Benyour RP here is awful. You talk without hotmicing and you threat to report. This is never acceptable here. 

Frankly, I think you both need some time off. 

Action taken: 

@AndreasMA1.1 VDM, Perm ban (following the fair ban system.)

@Ben A1.8 threats to report, A2.5 hot-micing, 1 day ban.

Staff Lead - Ex-Poseidon Baron - Malden Police - NCA - SGT

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Your report has been dealt with, but perhaps not in the way you originally envisaged.

Whether this is beneficial or disadvantageous to you will depend entirely on the situation, and staff will have taken the most-appropriate action in the circumstances.


Staff Lead - Ex-Poseidon Baron - Malden Police - NCA - SGT

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Update: I was incorrect in stating that @AndreasMhit him, it was infact someone else, the ban still stands though due to Andre using the fact that he was in vdm script to his advantage. Ban changed to C1.7

Staff Lead - Ex-Poseidon Baron - Malden Police - NCA - SGT

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