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Trucking Depo delivery job issues


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I've put in 3 orders for fuel the other day, I've done one myself, didn't get paid for it but the fuel was actually delivered.

however, somebody was doing the delivery for me and never got paid and the fuel was not delivered to the gas station and the fuel job reappeared at the trucking depo.


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i can confirm. 

i ordered 3 fuel jobs for Alta street.. i wanted to do them my self cause no one is doing them atm, and i now see why.. i always put my orders in for a pay out of £2500, so i know that people will do them (its a 1 mile drive). but i was wondering why i didn't get my jobs done. 
so yes, i wanted to do them my self. i accepted the first job, delivered, went back with the cargo and i didn't get the £2500 or an "your job is done" message. i thought oh well.. i went to check the job list, and the job i just did was gone, so i assume its delivered. i then wanted to do another one, i accepted and did it.. then when i wanted to do the third it came up with "your already on a job" even tho i just delivered back the cargo. so i cancel it and went straigt to the forum to find this topic.. 

there was 20 ish jobs ready for deliver, but i guess no one is doing them as its bugged out. we will slowly run out of gas in the stations.. please have a look in to this 🙂

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It looks like i can do 1 delivery each restart.. i still don't get paid for it tho, but i'll get the fuel.. but after this one delivery it starts to bug out.. i take the next and it's still on the job list.. and goes back to say "you are still on a job" when i try to do another delivery.. 
so i guess, untill this gets fixed, we can only get one delivery pr restart.
current there is 30+ jobs ready to be delivered.. 

i know u guys are busy atm, but can we get some kind of acknowledge on this topic, so we that you guys are aware of this situation? 🙂 

Thanks ❤️ 

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On 14/09/2021 at 12:17, JasonO said:

Hello all, 

I think there has been an update since your posts. Can you confirm if this is still an issue to your knowledge?

Hello Jason 🙂
i tried to do my own delivery today and test it out. but it came up with a text "unsuccessful to take the job" - i don't know if it was cause i tried doing my own delivery or a bug.. and the rest of the jobs was to paleto, and sorry, but i did not wanted to drive all the wat to paleto just to test it out 😉 so i have yet not been able to test it out. sorry tho. ❤️

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