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Welcome to Auto Exotic!

This is the story of Auto Exotic from the beginning to where it is now, Enjoy...


It all started with Nadine and Miguel. Waaay back.. 

Nadine has just left The Ballas to follow her dreams of becoming a central part of the car community and create a lot of cool scenes and events for those who find cars more than "just a car". She was a woman with a goal and a fiery passion. 


(Actual goodbye message from Nadine to the Balla's back at 09. August 2021)

 "guys... It's with a very bleeding heart that I have to make a decision.. 
a very tough one..
I'm leaving Balla's, but I will always be around.
I'm forever grateful that the Balla Elders gave me a chance to show who I was and get to know me..  
you ALL have a very special place in my heart, for all the good times and many, many laughs we had together.. Hopefully we will still have some when we meet.. 
i will use all my energy on Street racing and build a car community, have some sick races out there.. that's my true passion  
And if you don't hate me, I will come around the turf and hang out and chill, when I'm not working on new tracks or cars.

Don't EVER forget.. BALLA'S ON TOP!!  

I love you loads.
many kisses your Nadine.  
See you guys on the Tracks."   

When Nadine was back on her feet after the hard goodbye and massive support from her last family, The Ballas, she was ready to move on and start on her dream. it did not take her long to find a perfect spot. She knew a bit about this abandoned garage called "Auto Exotic" and she wanted it to be full of life and buzzing with customers, friends and her soon new car family. 

she went around town, spotted Miguel standing with a clipboard at Tire Nutz, she was curious and went in to have a chat with him. he had the same idea and dream around the cars (not as much around the tuning or modding) Miguel was here to do a sustain hard work as a local trusted mechanic in the city, a small cozy garage with a big heart to his customers. She soon learned the whole crew of his to know. Special T was the first face she saw, a fearless carthieft who came with a few stolen cars once in a while, but Miguel kept him around, he saw something in him, and knew he could turn him to the legal side at some point. "Hmm, Nice fella" was Nadine's first thought of Miguel. and she knew she needed help to kickstart this progress, so she became close with Miguel and they quickly shared dreams and ideas, that made Nadine reach out to the government and there's architects to show them what they have come up with. 

Then for a while they were working at there garages, they grew everyday. Nadine got some good mechanics in, some Prospects from The Lost helped her out, because she was now officially an "Ol Lady" in the Biker club, married to Reginald Smith, so they put a lot of helping hands in her dream and passion to make it work. She got a good friendship going with Jeep, a guy who had a burning passion for street races and heavy modded cars, and a really good mechanic too, so they were working side by side everyday to please customers and show the city that we were here and available. a lot of advertisements were made and we started to do some small street races around town at night. Miguel was hiring a few more guys at Tire Nuts, Jason and the brothers Wayne and Joe King, all good mechanics and a shared passion for cars and events. Jeep and the Kings brothers were not new to the street scene, they all had been active in car meets and illegal races. The two garages started growing fast as more and more customers came, they asked a lot about races and started to know where to go to get some information about where and when the races were there.


One day, the team got a call about an underground race track located in the city near the delivery hub. we rushed down there and was amazed, and quickly started to create events and car meets, one week we had a Time Trial every night with different cars and prizes, this was where we met our Mechanic Sam Watson, he won 4 out of 5 races, we were impressed and we offered him a spot at Auto Exotic. he was ready to be a part of a great team.  

Miguel and Nadine were still keeping a close friendship and had a lot of meetings regarding where this was going and where we wanted to go with our garages, we had a talk to merge, but we were not ready yet.. although.. one day... we got an official letter from the government asking us to merge for the greater good. ?! We were confused but as we already had that talk once, it was pretty simple for us to agree on a merge, now we just needed to present it to our workers.. one big meeting was made, the assignment was clear, and Miguel and Nadine presented it to the two crews with a very nervous breath. Would they leave? would they be pissed, because we worked so hard on two different brands? and what would Tire Nutz boys say to become an Auto Exotic worker? Nadine was sky high nervous. but.. within a minute they all agreed.. They saw the opportunities we had with being one big "family" and worked stronger together to accomplish a bigger outcome.

Now the hard work really started, different job categories were made, the grind for materials started, and money was put in the firm to buy different tools and machines  to craft and create. a new era is upon us and we are more than excited to be under one roof together. Nadine feel she is almost at the finishing line with her dreams, still a little run to she hit goal, but she is slowly getting there. and now, not ever alone.. 

Nadine would never have been here today if it wasn't for her husband Reginal Smith, to keep pushing her when she was about to give up, he always believed in her dreams and passion and kept her going.

And now, look at us:


We are the Auto Exotic!

On the picture from the Left:

Jason, Chief Mechanic.

Jeep, Chief Mechanic.

Nadine, Boss Lady.

Miguel, Foreman.

Sam W, Trainee mechanic.

Special T, Chief Mechanic.

Left font:

Joe King, Mechanic.

Wayne King, Bookkeeper.


(We will be posting Auto Exotic events and pictures in here!)

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Love the team dynamic. It's great seeing different people rock up at AutoExotic, I think they roll up not really sure what to expect. They then come back again and again. 

All different cars come through the door. All different types of people from drug lords to dentists. It's always good fun and there's plenty of plans yet!

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This was made by @LiL Jeep a really quick but fun/ emotional clip. a little backstory to this was: 

Nadine was offered a very good deal at a garage in Tokyo, not a permit deal, but a period of time in Tokyo was needed. she could not say no, it was too good. 
the Offer was to come to Tokyo and help this new garage blow up.. they seen what she made with Auto Exotic and would like to have something similar in there city. 
Nadine was flying out, saying goodbye to friends and family, not knowing when she would return, "when the job is done" was all she could say. 
luckily for her, it only took 1,5 month and she could yet again return home. 
she was being missed and she missed AE, the crew and all the friends/ family around her. 
Here, enjoy the clip boys and girls: 

And now Nadine is back at her beloved garage, her home.. where her family is, her beloved crew of amazing people. 
Nadine was overwhelmed by the arrival to  Los Santos, events, party and a really good night was provided  ❤️

Finally home, and she will not take another offer like that, was too much work and too much missing home 😉

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