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The Shit Wagon Show 7th October


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Sick and tired of being out shone by all these fancy cars?

Well its your time to shine bring your shit wagon to Sandy Shores Airfield.

There will be races, different categories of car show with cash prizes.


This is the ain't-flex show

Contact 734-1490 for more info

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bringing my turbo charged snowy Asea she maybe a shit box but i love her 

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🚑 Tilly Micheals LS Solicitor and NHS worker 🚑 

🚔 Constable Lili Mcoy 🚔

☠️ Leah Mcoy 16th july 2021 to 10th january 2022 ☠️



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57 minutes ago, LiL Jeep said:

ill take a picture i promise!

You bloody well better! I can't believe you missed it last time?!

Staff Lead - Ex-Poseidon Baron - Malden Police - NCA - SGT

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9 minutes ago, AstridR said:

Wrong event Vinnie, That was the rally, this is for tonights event 😆

wow i missed read that lol, still looking forward to seeing you guys x

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1 hour ago, Niamh said:

wow i missed read that lol, still looking forward to seeing you guys x

Ahh don’t worry, I only noticed because it’s Vinnie and he always gets confused 🤪 

looking forward to seeing you too! I think there’s a few of the rangers that are going to take part too! We’ll still have ones  handing out bandages if needs be 🥰 x

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1 hour ago, 3FingerGaming said:

Some photos from the event






Thank you!! 🙂

On 06/10/2021 at 15:20, Tokjat said:

You will never win Bowen

his robin actually won the robin race 😄

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