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The Blacksimus Family

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The Backstory

Born into poverty, the Blacksimus Family consisting of Reece, Aaron and Timmy Blacksimus had a rough upbringing. Being the children of two small-time drug dealers operating out of a crackhouse in central Los Santos, the Three were destined to fail. Used as mules during their early teenage years at the hands of their parents, the Three were not unfamiliar with the life of crime, usually street dealing cocaine, weed and amphetamines, making just enough for the family to get by.

One day, however, everything would change when the house the family were operating out of was raided by the local police. With the two parents arrested, the Three only narrowly escaped with their freedom. Scared, alone and desolate, the Three were left with nothing but the shoes on their feet and clothes on their back as they began a new life as homeless children of Los Santos.




The life of crime being all the children had ever known, they quickly got back into old habits selling various illicit drugs and weaponry across the city. As the years went by and the Three grew older, they made many new friends, one of which being Jet Jones. Jet invited the Three into his home to stay there as long as they needed, allowing them to get back onto their feet.




The group now consisting of eight individuals, recognised by their beige coloured clothing and vehicles, began their illicit dealings together quickly making vast amounts of money and purchasing property and other assets throughout the city. The Blacksimus Family, now more rich and powerful than they had ever been before, had made many allies throughout the city, but unfortunately just as many enemies.




The money and power had gone to some of the group’s heads leading to disagreements within the Family and later, disaster. Two of the group’s members became arrogant and cocky and initiated a war with a much larger, more established gang without the approval of the Three. As the war raged on, individuals from both groups were injured, kidnapped and murdered, leading the Blacksimus Family to flee the city to escape further bloodshed.




The remaining six of the group ended up in Mexico where they were able to expand their illicit business while also on the run from the horrors that they left back in Los Santos. One of the members, who went by the nickname ‘S’, disapproved of how the Family decided to flee from the ongoing gang war and tried to influence other members, including Reece and Aaron themselves, to fly back to the city to continue the fight. ‘S’ was becoming a loose cannon and the other members of the Family decided as a collective that he should be executed by Jet to prevent any further conflict.




The Blacksimus Family, now a massively wealthy group, returned to Los Santos months later, a now changed city. A city which they can once again prosper in, with the help of friends and others they meet along the way.


Blacksimus Family contact number: 741-4083

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