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The Humane Labs

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The Humane Labs

The Humane Labs has been apart of the city since 1988, a large corporation that deals in pharmaceuticals, research & development.

They are focused on supporting humanitarian efforts around the world by testing newer and cheaper drugs, before shipping products to less developed countries around the world.

However, in recent years site management has switched hands and the company as a whole has a new chairman on the board of directors, Mr.Kai Petkov an unknown shady character. With new hands at the wheel things started to take more of a questionable direction; stories of creatures escaping from the facility, and missing people from the city. But with a constant income-stream the site continued to grow, as well as the number of mysterious happenings around the facility.

Little is known about the employees that work at the facility, and that's not by mistake. When hiring, their mercenaries pay well to ensure there are no witnesses, and no survivors. However, having to keep a legal face to stay in operation, they are forced to keep this very close to their chest.


1786870144_Humane_Labs__Research_logo_GTA_V.png.ae69264172b7f8e7f97329b49d01c1bc.png                                                                                                             pmv-pczx_400x400.jpg.17da6d3bb8c08a97cfab5e48edc2003b.jpg

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Captured one of the creatures a few days ago and brought him back to Humane Labs. Had the chance to meet Kai Petkov and he seems like a really interesting character, looking forward to more RP from you lot!

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