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Marabunta Grande

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Marabunta Grande


Who are the Marabunta Grande?

The Marabunta Grande are an El Salvadorian street gang who specialise in drug smuggling, their choice in Lowriders and recently, blowing shit up. 




The Marabunta Grande started off like every other organisation, small, but loud and violent. The Marabunta Grande often found themselves engaging in firefights throughout the city with their enemy, the Los Santos Triads. 


However, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.

A Death Amongst The Ranks

During a gunfight between the Marabunta Grande and the Los Santos Triads, the two leaders had one final duel, but, what the Los Santos Triads couldn’t have known was that this duel, would be their leader’s last; one fatal shot and the duel was over, the Marabunta Grande had won the fight, but, this was not the end. A few days later the Los Santos Triads got their revenge, the Marabunta Leader was now also dead. 

The First Chapter

Shortly after losing their leader, the Marabunta Grande found the light again as for it was the man, the myth, the legend, Joshua Cortes who stepped up to fulfil the role as Jefe De Marabunta Grande on this very day, one year ago.

The Marabunta Grande found themselves quickly back on their feet and with enough fighting strength to continue the forever war against the Los Santos Triads, the fighting continued for months, with an all-out war starting through some Tweedle beef. A member of the Marabunta Grande had some problems with the East Side Vagos at the time, so Carlós Emanuel decided to take action. This action lead to further bloodshed but this time, with more than just 2 or 3 gangs involved, as for it was all-out war with every faction in the city; the Ballas, the Aztecas and the Marabunta Grande on one side fighting against the Los Santos Triads as well as the Vagos. Although things weren’t always about blood and death.
The Lonesome Priest

Amongst all the bloodshed, there was a Lonesome Priest, this Priest often found himself in the hands of hostage-takers, muggers and occasionally murderers. This Lonesome Priest is now known to the city as Father Augustus. 

Father Augustus was found by a member of the Marabunta Grande known as Pony, who decided to lend a helping hand to the Father. Pony helped the Father with his problems, the Father stopped getting kidnapped, robbed and stabbed and has since become one of the more reputable citizens of the city. To this day, it is rumoured that a gift Pony gave to the Father is still sitting within his garage collecting dust - this gift was a Romero Hearse. 

As time continued, the Lonesome Priest decided to try and make his own organisation, The Apostles (Now a part of The Coalition). Through Father Augustus’ friendship with Pony, the Marabunta Grande lent a helping hand by giving them intelligence on both firearm manufacturing as well as drug manufacturing.

Joshua Cortes went on to hold the title of Jefe De Marabunta Grande from the month of December 2020 to May 2021.

The Next Chapter

It wasn’t long until Joshua Cortes was called back to El Salvador by the order of the Cartel which backs the Marabunta Grande

With Cortes gone, it was up to Ejecutor Carlós Emanuel to step up and take the reigns. 


Carlós was seasoned to the city, he knew everything there was to know and he knew how to get things done. A war broke out between the Marabunta Grande and a small-time street gang known as the Hustlers after a couple of the Hustlers robbed members of the Marabunta Grande.
Carlós’ reign didn’t last long, however, after a short term saw him face the same thing Cortes did - a call back to El Salvador. 

Carlós’ Emanuel held the title of Jefe De Marabunta Grande from the 27th of May 2021 until late August 2021. 

The Downfall of Marabunta Grande

After Carlós Emanuel’s reign came to an abrupt end, this left the door open for Tujm Makmud. 


Tujm took the title of Jefe De Marabunta Grande on the 31st of August 2021. With Tujm in power, the Marabunta Grande called off the war with the Hustlers after not agreeing to any rules of engagement. 

Bloodshed between the Los Santos Triads and the Marabunta Grande came to a complete stop when Tuj became leader as Tuj made an executive decision, one that is still questioned by many to this very day… that being, an alliance. An alliance with the Marabunta Grande’s sworn enemy. To this day nobody knows why the alliance was formed. 

Tujm also didn’t have a long reign of power within the Marabunta Grande, due to his and his second-in-command’s constant absence, a coup was called between the remaining seniors of the gang, Greg Johnson and Harold Reese. 

After a short discussion between the two Ejecutors, it became mutually agreed that a coup was for the better of the gang as Marabunta Grande became dead in the waters to all other organisations. 

Meeting Time

Greg Johnson and Harold Reese both decided that the time had come, with people constantly arguing and bickering amongst themselves, with next to no money and no firearms to defend themselves, a vote was called, a vote that would seal the fate of the Marabunta Grande

Within this meeting, contained every member of every rank within the Marabunta Grande, the vote was simple, who would be the one to overrule Tujm Makmud, and be the one to secure the future of the Marabunta Grande

Harold Reese, or, Greg Johnson.

Harold had his own idea, however, as he had made his mind up to leave the gang following weeks of debate which meant that regardless of the vote, Greg Johnson would be the next in line to hold the title of Jefe De Marabunta Grande.

Tujm Makmud officially stepped down on the 28th of September 2021

Present Day

Greg Johnson (Me! The person making this post) officially took power over the Marabunta Grande on the 28th of October after being the acting leader for exactly one month. 


Greg’s role as the Jefe De Marabunta Grande hasn’t been easy, as he was left with next to nothing, no money, no firepower and no contacts to make deals but within the last 2 months of his tenure, he continues to try to repair the broken street gang even after doubting his ability to lead on several occasions. 

Mr Johnson (As referred to by Robert Callaghan) has since made Marabunta into a more stable environment with more firepower, more money than previously. Greg continues to maintain the alliance with the Triads as he has yet to find a reason to call it off (Find out in RP 😉 )

Before his time within Marabunta, Greg could often be found driving around the city at high speeds in his Bravado Banshee and Elegy Retro Custom, he was a passive person who simply wanted to remain a ghost to the world but fate had a different idea. 

Before his time as Jefe, he took a liking to a Miss Klaudia Miralles despite being disliked by her father, they lived a happy relationship until recent events has split them apart. 


Greg remains troubled by Klaudia’s disappearance and often finds himself resulting in violence and acts of Terrorism to avoid facing reality.

Greg remains in power within the Marabunta Grande and can often be found driving around the city in his Ocelot Jugular, Lexus RCF, or his Elegy Retro custom or he can often be found up on Marabunta Grande turf, blowing shit up.

Here’s to a very messy first year at the Marabunta Grande

See you all in the city. 


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Just now, Jason said:

Excellent read. A great effort bringing the story from the start to present day. 

Only took me about 6 combined hours, i tried getting in as many details as possible before the day was done, so it's good to see that people are enjoying it! 

I'm not a Mara OG so the older details were harder to get, but, I made it work! 🙂

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I did discuss the reasons in a full call, but i appreciate the mention loll
I will forever be the last and final white Indian to enter the marabunta, keep blowing this di- shit up!

still hold it firmly that @Joshuawas the best leader tho ❤️ 
(thats just my opinion tho)

and for context on the alliance of triads
the triads, despite how much we had a feud, sometimes were proper nice in RP, ofc not during wars, they had offered peace many times and we had refused. A few of our ex members, such as @wezzer96created a bond since he was respected on both sides. an despite the lore shit, they were quite literally the closest allies to us out of every gang in the city at the time, i attempted grove, they said fuck off, Ballas were constantly pushing us with numbers cuz I shot Nadine in the head, Aztecas never came to speak to us once except for coke deals that were a scam, Huslers only ever wanted beef with us, me and father had had beef after I basically said he was a ummm (one of those people on a list) and vagos were non existent, out of all of these gangs I concluded that our best option was triads since the beef had calmed down, and they were offering more things to us out of all the gangs e.g the ability to get gun mags since we had no affiliation to the firm, cuz @Omizzscared em off lmao, ye daft twat XD! plus the city needed mega change, the alliances were heavily imbalanced and still currently are to an extent, which lead to unfairness in wars and shit etc. which nobody par me gave one shit about. As much as people hated this decision from the outside, from the inside, i noticed a change when it came to positive community vibes that you wouldnt often see, as much as i like to take the piss and alot of staff and general members hate me for it, i try to keep this mentality and i think every gang should keep that mentality over toxic behaviour, anyways thats my reasoning 😉

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Met some of my best mate from the server in Marabunta will always be thankful for that. Had some of my best laughs there loved every day of it whether it be Tujm robbing someone and shouting that their nan has chlamydia or when we were at war with Triads constantly I enjoyed it thoroughly. Crazy to see how much its changed since I met everyone who was apart of it back in the day. Great read mate Happy Birthday Bunta and ScouseBunta forever. 

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Back in the old days where we could do pretty much any crime and it be expected because we were the street gang who didn't have a massive armoury or mass amounts of armoured cars but would still beef bigger gangs and get in a tonne of trouble with police. Didn't rely on wars for fun but instead would chill on turf and have a laugh or commit small crimes such as robbing shops and having good RP with feds


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42 minutes ago, Darren Bridges said:




Back in the old days where we could do pretty much any crime and it be expected because we were the street gang who didn't have a massive armoury or mass amounts of armoured cars but would still beef bigger gangs and get in a tonne of trouble with police. Didn't rely on wars for fun but instead would chill on turf and have a laugh or commit small crimes such as robbing shops and having good RP with feds


Steve Carell GIF

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