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Best jobs to do besides being a taxi driver??


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I'm looking for any jobs to do that are just better than taxi driving RP wise and also wouldn't hurt if they paid as well as taxi driving does too. I've been in the city for probably about 3-4 months i have a stable bank balance, nice car etc. but the only income i have earned has been through taxi driving and while i dont mind a nice drive with the radio on it can sort of get boring and i dont get to have many interactions with other players whilst doing it because the jobs are mainly NPC based. As most of you will probably say ''find out in RP'' trust me i have tried no matter what people will only suggest drug dealing or taxi driving which makes me think surely for a server of this quality and standard there must be a bit more variety when it comes to earning money.

I'm not a guy who is just playing to earn money for the sake of buying cars/weapons I'm actually trying to save up to buy a 24/7 gas station/garage so i can get around doing roadside repairs and refuels and that sort of thing but in the meantime whilst saving up I was just looking for a job where I can still interact with a few players and still be earning just as much money.

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Find out in RP which jobs are the best.

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