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Unban Appeal - ThatGuyHaZe - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for ThatGuyHaZe 

In-game Name: Aaron Wick

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198067997856

Ban ID: rpuk#4765

Reason given for your ban: C2.2

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for participating in an exploit whereby after running over a deer I could then continuously skinned it at a rate quicker than intended, this increased rate of pelts meant I could stockpile thus sell a bulk amount to gain money at a quicker rate than the norm. Instead of de-spawning the deer would remain in its place, I gained financially instead of reporting it to the dev team as the rules clearly state.

Why should we unban you ?: I cannot express enough how justified the ban I received was I feel nothing less than shame for participating in such a detrimental exploit.
Time away from the city has really shown me the true extent of what I lost, all for the benefit of money. In exchange for money I lost access to a server whereby I thoroughly enjoyed making connections and interacting with other civilians. I wasn't in the city for very long but in that time I was able to form strong bonds and progress my character's storyline. Unfortunately I then allowed greed to push me towards stupid and unforgivable actions, looking back on it during these winter months I cannot express enough what a mistake those actions were.

Whilst I was away from the city I did not stop roleplaying, my thirst for money which lead to poor decisions in RPUK, I wanted to truly learn from my mistakes and decided to create a plethora of characters, some of which one life characters, all of had different motivations and storylines. Ranging from PD characters to homeless characters with the sole intent of maintaining a character playing a role within a community.
Can I take the time to apologise to the RPUK Community along with the entire staff team for my actions not only for being selfish but for putting the economy of the server at risk I am truly sorry for doing this. This is not the type of person I wish to be within the community I only hope that if given the chance I can become a textbook exemplary member of the community. I also wish to apologise to the staff team for any hardship my actions have caused from correcting my errors to dealing with any of my previous unban appeals.

The shame I feel from conducting myself in such a way almost forces me, if found to be in another similar situation where an exploit is found to document and report it to the staff team. For the community I know it is something people should do but for me if allowed back into the community it would become something I must do almost to prove my worth and show that I truly have changed in both my intentions and my actions. I know it will be hard to trust my words here but I can only be truthful in my response and express the actual shame I feel for committing such a violation. There is not a single thing I would now do to jeopardise my chances of staying in this community, there is just too much to lose the monetary gains from such an exploit could never amount to what was lost by being permanently banned from the server the inability to progress my character's status through relationships is a perk I could not fully appreciate at the time but now more than ever I can appreciate and yearn for. I wish nothing more than to be considered for an unban so that I can prove not only to the staff team but to the community that I can and will be better.

Thank you to anyone who took the time towards reading this unban appeal have a good day.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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You are correct, it's going to be very difficult for you to regain the trust that has been lost as a result of your own actions. 

You are, as you are aware, a little early in your appeal. I will, however, entertain it because you've at least put some effort in. 

When you decided to exploit in the way you did, how did you find out about it? Who told you, if anyone? How long did you abuse said exploit for? Why didn't you decide to immediately report this to a member of staff?

I understand you've answered abit of this above, but I'd like you to break it down for me here instead. 

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Thank you @Fluqi for taking the time to reply to me I appreciate it a lot considering the severity of my violations.

I can only begin this reply and take the correct step towards building trust between myself and community by saying the complete truth regarding this exploit. It would have been either a Wednesday or Thursday in the early hours I had built a rapport with some of the Vagos members through mining a lot of ore for them. At the time they had believed it was my only source of income, despite me flipping cars and fishing on the side of mining. Regardless of this, Rio pulled me to aside following an order and informed me that he had a method to get a lot of money all I had to do was get my hunting level up. Once I had got my hunting level up I returned, I was then taken to the Sandy Shores area and found a deer upon killing the death instead of getting out of the vehicle I was instructed to use the Alt Key to skin the deer through the car whilst it was trapped under the vehicle. The deer failed to respawn in a different location and it was clearly not meant to work in this manner this exploit was done for maybe a couple hours before logging off for the night as it was late at this first trip the other member of the group did join into the exploit after I had learnt how to do it. I understand I am almost just explaining the exploit here but I will take full accountability here, instead of doing this one time knowing it was an exploit the next day once I had met up with the group again at the Casino a few of us went back to the Sandy Shores area to exploit this hunting deer bug. This lasted for a couple hours maybe longer I believe before we were all then subsequently banned.

In clear terms all the currently banned members of the group were present at some point during either hunting situation being Kenji, Boofy, Rio, Benz, Dinzy and Dex along with Bobby. If anyone else was involved I did not see them or hear about them.

As to why I did not report this to the staff team immediately I will hold my hands up and say I saw the amount of money and greed set in. Ultimately it was the money that drove my decision for which I cannot forgive myself and looking back on cannot understand because I lost the most important thing, access to the server, something which I now believe to be too crucial to ever risk. I can only be honest in my words and say that if given the opportunity I would never ever risk my ability to RP in the server again not for anything; wealth or status.

Once again can I please take the time to express how truly sorry I am to the community and the staff team for both participating in this exploit and failing to report it.  

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I appreciate your honesty. 

Given that 'Aaron Wick' is now deleted because of those actions, if you get a second chance to return to our community, what is your plan? What character(s) are you going to be making, what storyline are you planning on going with? Give me abit of the story. 

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Thanks Fluqi for taking the time to respond to my ticket once again it is very much appreciated.

Taking the time away from the server and reflecting on my actions as I said I did try my hand at a few one life characters and I explored an arch of homeless characters the idea of money not being the sole purpose of progression instead creating situations where money would be lost and the character would essentially stay at the same point financially either though substance abuse or petty crimes. If I take this route of RP then the storyline of the character would revolve around being the "odd job specialist" doing tasks for cheap facilitating the RP for other members of the community and therefore sometimes being found in mischievous scenarios until ultimately the character dies out. However I understand such a character if too prevalent could be annoying for some people of the community so I also thought about public representation and doing lawyer RP. I've pursued this sort of RP in other cities whereby the character goes through a process of understanding the workings of the city in terms of general relations this I've thought could be supported by pursuing a career with a news network within the city to better learn the ins and outs. From this then building into helping relations by offering representation for criminals whom may be in situations they believe to be unjust to the extent they may need legal representation this has worked visa versa providing legal representation for the PD again this sort of RP would take a lot of time to develop, due to having to learn a lot about the city, the judicial system and so on and so forth but I've given this idea some thought.

Beyond this I've given thought to pursuing both criminal RP as well as PD RP, having done police RP before I feel as though I can be a benefit to the community and work towards correcting the damage I've done to my own image. To speak a little more on the PD RP I thought about RPing as an American living abroad wanting to help the local community they find themselves in but obviously with the cultural differences there comes mistakes and accidents but ultimately learning opportunities for the character and positive scenarios for both police and criminals involved with the character. Regarding progression I firmly believe RP is 100% dynamic so whilst the initial dream could be progression within the PD to a higher rank a cultural difference related error could lead to termination and a pursuit of a job in a different career path, for example public representation due to the accumulated knowledge from working within the PD. 

Thank again to anyone taking the time to reading this response.

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I appreciate the amount of effort you have put into your responses. Therefore I am going to give you another chance. I think you know this but I will put it out there anyway, if you discover a bug / exploit, you must report it. 



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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord



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