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Unban Appeal - muadomar19 - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for muadomar19 

In-game Name: Boofy Smith

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561199157588639

Ban ID: rpuk4764

Reason given for your ban: c2.2

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: This ban came when I was skinning an animal continuously in a car with a few friends. I was skinning the same animal whilst inside the car which falls under exploitation rule C2.2.

Why should we unban you ?: In retrospect, I should have never done that and I sincerely apologize to not only the developers and staff members involved but every single member in the lovely community of RPUK. It was a complete exploit, and I regret what I did. I started this unban appeal with deep regret in the choices I have made and have used the time away to reflect on my actions and change for the future. I will take full responsibility for what I have done and make no excuses for my ban, just want a second chance. I have made great connections within the city and I truly care for RP and don't want to cut my journey short. I still keep in contact with the many friends I have made on the server and always reminisce about my time on the server. I started this unban appeal with deep regret in the choices i have made and have used the time away to reflect on my actions and change for the future. I completely understand that my actions threaten the economy and could've ruined the RP experience for the entire server.

When I conducted myself in such an embarrassing manner, I feel compelled to report any exploits found if I find myself in another similar situation. I understand it's something people should do, but it would become something I must do if allowed back into the community to prove my worth and show that I've truly changed both in my intentions and actions. What I had done was completely selfish and unwarranted, I can only hope that I am let back into the community and be forgiven for such actions.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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So it's evident that you and your friends now wish to return to our community given that you're all appealing now. 

I'll ask you the same question I'm asking them... 

How did you become aware of the exploit, who told you, why didn't you report it immediately, what other exploits, if any, did you know about that you didn't report?

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How I became aware of the initial exploit was through my friend Rio however as a collective we found that being in a car together doesn't make the deer disappear, not pinning anything on him as I ultimately decided to both not report and actively take part in it. This was through sheer greed which at the time blinded me.

Although it is obvious that people should do this, it would become a pre-requisite for me to prove my worth and show my true changes if allowed to rejoin the community. I have truly changed and the roleplay that I would bring to the community would be both exciting and realistic. In addition to this, I have thought of making many characters in other departments such as PD and NHS. I have always centered my roleplay around gang activities which I believe is the most intense and fun however I feel venturing out into other fields would both enhance my roleplay and let me indulge myself within the community.

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I have now understood the true meaning of roleplay and understand that being rich doesn't have any correlation with fun. I have spent that time being regretful of my action and the greed I once had is no longer. I cannot forgive myself for my decision, but looking back I also cannot comprehend it, I lost the most crucial thing the trust of the communty.  If given the opportunity to RP in the server again, I would not risk my ability to do so not for wealth or status.

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I am going to give you that second chance. Do not ruin it as I highly doubt you will get another. I think you know this but I will put it out there anyway, if you discover a bug / exploit, you must report it. 




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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord



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