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Spawned in and my entire inventory has gone


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So today I spawned in and my entire inventory was missing.... I've never seen this happen before and didn't know it could happen so I have no evidence of what I had before I logged off last night.... 

This is very worrying because if it is a new bug lots of people are going to be unhappy.... I've taken it on the chin and already accepted i've probs lost all my stuff because I have 0 evidence but this needs looking at urgently...

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Hello Rik. 

It appears there was no bug leading up to your death, perhaps you forgot to logout, and your character suffered the consequences! 🍔
Your character died 23:45, bled out 00:42, and an hour later you lost connection to the server. 

As this wasn't a bug, I'll close this report.
Thank you for your good intentions though! 🙂

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Sorry, either we've been unable to reproduce this bug with enough detail, or its not been considered a bug.
Nevertheless, we appreciate your efforts, please do not be discouraged in submitting new bug reports going forward.

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