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Unban Appeal - Ashley Korvar - GTA RP

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Unban Appeal for Ashley Korvar 

In-game Name: Ashley Korvar

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198222156048

Ban ID: !!rpuk6700!!

Reason given for your ban: Rule G2.9

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: We were banned for breaking rule G2.9 something for whihc i am very sorry for, im not quite sure what i transfered onto another character but as the rules state it would have been money or items. im not sure how i did this so if you could give me some insight into that i would be much apreciated too. i am sorry as this was never meant to happen as i know it can create an unfair balance in the rp economy and put me at an advantage over others which is unfair on everyone in this community.

Why should we unban you ?: You should unban me because i only want to help the rp.co.uk community and keep it fair, i can see that breaking this rule in turn breaks the fairness aspect of this server which again is something i am very sorry for. I will never break this rule again as this has caused me to miss out on so much on this server and playing with my friends and doing my first patrol for the NHS. i have re read over all the rules to make sure i understand them better for when i am un banned if that were to happen, it also states in the rules that the first offence is a 24 hour ban and as this is my first offence i thought it would have been 24 hours but as it has been over 24 hours i know this rule is a vital one for the community, but in the place of fairness this is not as this is my first offence like i have previously stated and i know fairness is one of the main things for gaming. i am happy to have had this ban as it as shown me how much my own actions can cause consequences for me and for that i am very sorry again. please can you consider my unban appeal this time is i would love to play on this amazing server.

Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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@Ashley KorvarGranted this was a while ago however these things always catch up with you, regardless of how long ago they were. Ragnar Ironbane, before you deleted him, was the character you moved money from to your new character. Does this ring a bell?

George Harris

The Firm | Director

2017 - - 2022

 Level 4 Staff Member   FiveM Developer    Ex-Altis Capo/Doctor/CI

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I know the character but I can guarantee I did not transfer money from him to any existing character, if so which character received the money, he was the first character I ever created when I was solo and then I made Johnny silver hand to which I played on with my friends in a gang, I got money by doing mechanic jobs and gang activities to which I bought a car as I got money from my friend in game and in real life to buy the car and this was when I still had the character Ragnar. I deleted Ragnar this year as I was never going to play him as I had Johnny, I can only apologise if I did transfer money but to my knowledge I never did. As I have said in my previous applications to which fluqi was most unhelpful i was trying to find out what was transferred and when because me and my girlfriend have only been playing on our character keeping to our selfs, when I came back on Johnny I still had a gang gun on me to which I gave back to the gang as I saw it as being an advantage to have that after coming back to the city.ask people in the ballers gang they will confirm that.  I have read the rules and have been fighting my corner so I can come back onto this server and play on the server I love and I will never transfer money to gain an advantage. Thank you for taking the time to answer and for giving me help on understanding what happened but again to my knowledge I did not transfer money. 

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