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Report a player - 262 and 603 - GTA RP


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Report a player 

Your In-game Name: Rafiki Vinda

Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 262 and 603

Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP

Date of the incident: 02/09/22

Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 2230

What best describes this incident ?: discrimination

Please (in detail) describe the incident: Video speaks for itself, we were out cruising around and just pulled into strawberry while chatting away, I'm not sure if the new Prius taxi has always said Buk ling or whatever and the faketaxi on the side so i found it amusing and wanted to ask some questions about it or if it was bought etc and then the rest goes from there. The recording is not mine as I wasn't recording at the time but was the passenger in the vehicle. If further evidence it required ill try and source it from the 2 other I was with.

Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot):

This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes

You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes

This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): No

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Your report is currently being reviewed, Please be patient while the evidence is reviewed

Please keep checking this report regularly just in case the reviewing staff member has any questions

Thank you for your report and you doing your part to keep our community clean!


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@Rafiki VindaThank you for submitting a player report.

I have reviewed the evidence a few times and by the looks of it they were both passing forward discriminatory comments, the accent part itself is bad but not bad enough to be a bannable offense but the rest after that was unnecessary, asking you to do certain things and calling you certain names was not a good idea.

ID 262 and 603 will both be receiving permanent bans due to passing discriminatory comments towards you.

Character Name: Darren Kamara
Rule/s: (C1.2) Discrimination
Punishment: Permanent Ban


Character Name: Tony Kamara
Rule/s: (C1.2) Discrimination
Punishment: Permanent Ban

Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean. Have a nice day.

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Thank you for doing your part in keeping the community clean.

Your report has been approved and action has been taken against the reported player.

If you are out of pocket due to this case please now open a compensation request here, Do make sure to mention this report.


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