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Marabunta Clothing Suggestion.



Hello, this is a quick suggestion on the behalf of all of Marabunta Grande. We have all recently been thinking about the old Clothing that we used to have and the Males of the gang feel like they would have more clothing options if they got the old Basketball/tank top back that they used to have. Now if we where to get these clothing back it would replace some of the current clothing we currently have in our wardrobe.
There argument is that they find it hard to match the Jackets color blue to the navy blue mask that we now have and other blue items in the clothing stores. My 2 cent on the matter is, i would like it back as it adds a bit of ranking structure to our gang. It would mean that certain members of the gang will wear the jacket as higher ups and the normal gang members will wear the Basketball/tank top or another clothing of their choice. 

Now not only do we want to change one of the Males outfit but also add some of the females outfits back too. Now since there is more females in the gang i would like to bring back the Baseball jacket for the females and the old long jersey top in black. My reasoning for this is that since we have had more interest from the female public, i would like the Old Long Jersey top in black to be an outfit for the El Jefas to wear so other Gangs and individuals can point them out. And the Blue Marabunta Jersey top and Baseball Jacket can be for highers and low ranking members too.

So for the Males they have an outfit called Soldado which they are willing to let go as you can get a similar one in the clothing store as it is. 


This outfit would be removed so the old Basketball/tank top, as seen below: 


And for the Females they have an outfit called Senorita which we are willing to let go as it is a little bit broken as it is anyways.

And this would be to add the Baseball Jacket back in, as shown below:

Now for the Long Black Jersey top I was wondering if it was possible to add another clothing option to the females that only i can accesses as the leader or just another clothing option in general and i will have to trust other female gang members not to wear it. The top that i would like to be added is shown below:


I appreciate the time that has been taken to read this suggestion and we would love to see it implemented on behalf of Marabunta Grande. 

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Know it's kinda of off-topic considering this is for the Marabunta clothing in specific, but I would love to see all the old gang clothing into their wardrobes, either has an extra option or as a substitute for some of the other clothing that they might regret choosing.



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It would be nice to see these clothing items return to the wardrobe as it gives us more variety in terms of style and what we can wear to represent . +1

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