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Losing a house

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I have started a new full time apprenticeship and in-turn I no longer have as much free time as I used to, I played a little lastnight but unfortunately got caught up and wasnt able to pay off the tax for my house in the city, due the 1st May. I am wondering If my house gets repossessed, will my cars parked in there be taken too? I am not worried as much as the house rather than my fairly expensive cars. Any help is appreciated.


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If you sell or lose your house I'm quite certain that everything in it will also be lost, that includes cars. I'm also fairly certain that you don't lose your house for missing 1 month of payment.


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Everyone's collectively answered above, but to confirm;

After the end of the 2nd month of not paying the tax, your house AND it's storage contents are lost. It also includes furniture. So, if you paid for April, you will have until the end of June to pay May's tax.

Your vehicles will either remain in the garage (and can be reset by staff) or be sent to lower legion by the council when they clear it out.


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