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Compensation Request - Billy Jones - GTA RP

Billy Joness

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Compensation Request

In-game Name: Billy Jones

Game: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561197963740787

Character ID: 31069

The date when this happened: 10/25/23

The time when this happened: around 3:20pm

Please provide full detail and evidence: ID involved 110. I was in a police chase and then shot a cop and then ran on a roof after this i got teleported back into handcuffs not really sure how this is fair and think it would be great for the to be resolved. I had 2 friends with guns around the corner of this and if i had been successful with getting on the roof they would of been there with a car to get me away with the understanding there was only two more officers at the scene without and firearms i think this is just really unfair and with the loss of items and the time spent in prison i deserve some sort of compensation.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this much love for you all.

Link to any evidence:

Lost items and total value of compensation: Around 500k that doesn't include the rarity of said items.

Please confirm you have read and understand our Compensation Request terms: Yes


Thank you for your submission

Our staff team will get back to you in this topic ASAP! In the meantime please ensure the details you have submitted above are correct.



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For staff reviewing this comp, I have added my POV as it seems Billy has cut out the beginning of the clip, where the cuffing occurs.

I slowed down the video in the place where Busy went for cuffs on him, to show that he was in fact placed in cuffs. Busy experienced client side issues where he froze, but this occurred after he pressed ALT+R  to handcuff, so that is why I think he took until he was on the roof to register.



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What your still not understanding is the fact on my screen that never happened and therefore i don't think its fair that i got arrested after on my screen after i got tasered i got out of them cuffs and then sent back into them which i thought was very unfair 

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Good evening, 

This is my POV of the incident and sadly my internet was having a shocker throughout and by the time my internet connected I had then had this person handcuffed and we processed this person accordingly with contuned RP.

It is a shame that this happened as it would have prevented potential confusion but again I will leave this for staff to review if they believe that this is worthy for comp.


I can confirm after this person was handcuffed they were dealt with fully within an RP capacity and processeed as per normal.

All the best,

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i do not have a long a clip no it was stupidly set on 20 seconds however in the clip you can see my quick slots i guess you would call it and i had my gun and i was selling 250 coke. They were the main two things i lost but i dont really care about the coke i would just like some money or my gun back with the bullets.

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Hello @Billy Joness

As stated on the compensation guide in our Wiki, it is your responsibility to upload evidence of what happened and the items you had lost.
As you've not provided me evidence of any of the items you claim to have lost, I cannot just compensate "around 500k" as it does not work like that.

Also while looking in to this and the ticket you had made, I had noticed there was no attempt from yourself to contact the officers via OOC chat, the only message from you around this time was "Any gods around?" which didn't and wouldn't help the officers.
Ultimately, due to the above this compensation will be declined today.

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Although your request didn't meet our compensation request criteria, it might be an idea to join our Steam Group and Discord to get more involved with the community!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord


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