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Ratton Rally


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Blaine County Ratton Rallye!




Tired of standing around at your local garage? 

Tired of endlessly scrolling though tweedle looking at the same old shit posts about gang beef? 

Tired of selling on coa hill?



This November 25th 7:00PM  take a trip down to the RATTON RALLY and test your drivers skills on the roughest and toughest terrain there is!

You and your team will take to the roads of ratton valley in a fast pace rally time trial where the best rain victorious and the slow end up in a ditch. Show no quarter and give none this race is for the bold and willing to risk it all in the dirty tracks of Blaine County .



To enter you must have a minimum team of 2 one driver and navigator, teams will be expected to navigate the rough valley terrain and then swap positions on the return route. All drivers are expected to move as quickly as possible as their times will be recorded! The faster your time, the more points you score. The slower? The more points you loose! 

You will be required to provide one of the three cars:

Issi Classic

Brioso 500


Upgrade them as you see fit and make them stylish! you will be marked down on style of not only your cars but also your outfits!



Make sure you read this  Contestant Guide for more detailed info!


Find us at Calafia Rd on the Alamo sea for your chance to win!  


See you there!

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