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🍔 Up-n-Atom Taco Van Customization 🍔

Jonny Marley


Hi Guys, Firstly we would like to thank everyone for supporting us with all this Up-n-Atom Roleplay over the past Months it's been great and we have really enjoyed it and hopefully you guys have too!! After Hours of Research into what Up-n-Atom really is like, A few Guys and Girls in our group have been working on a few things that were looking forward to showing everyone. 

Firstly after working with Photoshop some of us have managed to come up with a fresh design to the Taco Van Model and are delighted to show you how it's looking at the moment (work still in progress). We Would Love to hear any feedback on here is to how we can improve this model design so far and how this may be changed/altered. Although we don't like to pester or push staff, after speaking to a few we were directed to the Forums in which was told to get feedback via here and therefore I am showing ongoing progress. It's completely out of our hands is to whether the staff/devs think this is a good idea eventually bringing this as an addition to the city but all's we can do from our side is give our best shot at it. Once again would love feedback via any staff/devs on where we can improve this model going forward would be much appreciated. 

Model so far as follows:

Picture 1:


Picture 2:


As I say these are by no means the final product and reiterate would love feedback on where we can improve and make this better. 

In terms of the Menu we have thought of having maybe a white background and a bit of an advertisement on their for The Pounder Meal maybe. Either way we want to try and avoid a set menu with set prices on here as we think this will later be hard to change and will be giving the devs more work for no reason really. For the Ledge that pops out the side of the truck as shown in Picture 2 which is untouched, I have tried coloring it in yellow within Picture 3 and I feel like it does work but again guys any feedback will help massively.

Picture 3:


We feel like in terms of RP this would really enhance our RP at Up-n-Atom if it was to happen one day as due to us not having a shop to go out of we've got to try and RP to the best of our abilities with the limited resources we have. This means we take great pride in our Van (Taco Van) and hope that one day will be able to add this to the City as it brings something new to the City that a not many people have seen before. 

Picture 4:


As a side note if anyone has any knowledge on how we can improve the slogan quality in Picture 4 or even upscale this please get in touch as we're really wanting to add this to the Van as the Slogan "ONCE IT PINGS EAT LIKE KINGS" is from Up-n-Atom and we feel stays true to the GTA/Up-n-Atom Lure.

Once again guys, Thanks again for all the support so far and we wish to continue our Up-n-Atom journey and see where it takes us 😉

Please be sure to drop your thoughts it means a lot!

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Is that the model shown with all 'layers' enabled? My main feedback currently would be that the colours are too pastel with no variation or 'texture' to them if that makes sense, but I'm not sure if that's because when the vehicle is rendered in game it has other layers rendered with it that aren't shown.

Perhaps a logo on the bonnet or above the windows?

You could add a menu with your core items unlikely to change and put a note to enquire for prices.

And maybe try yellow around the roof windows to break up the red.

Perhaps try black where the white stripe and text highlight is currently and see how that looks.

I like the concept though it's a solid start and I hope you guys get it.

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