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Unban Appeal - KCAJ - GTA RP


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Unban Appeal for KCAJ 

In-game Name: Jack Ronald

Server: GTA RP

Steam ID: 76561198178018448

Ban ID: !!rpuk13786!!

Reason given for your ban: Revenge report

In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: The reason that I was banned is due to myself sending something on a individual in the community after something had happened in roleplay, due to this it was classed as an act of revenge and therefore deemed that I had broken the rule “revenge report”.

Why should we unban you ?: Over my time on RPUK I have been banned a few times, with the most important and significant bans being one for metagaming, of which I was unbanned and learnt from the mistake that I made, and the effect that this had on other people and the disruption that it caused.

The other ban I received was for exploiting, this was when I was still a newcomer to the GTA RPUK server and thought that it was acceptable to cause a –1 rating on someone's Tweedle post, there was an element where you had to double click to cause the negative rating and whilst doing it caused a Tweedle post to become –100 rating.

I have also received some warnings, but the main thing that I take pride in is being able to learn from mistakes made, which I feel is vital in order to improve the community and help keep the community of high quality, if someone is repeating the same mistake then there is a clear lack of consideration for the other members of the community and their experience.

Before my ban I do admit that I became lazier and stopped being so proactive, a reason for this is I felt burnt out and was almost playing the server because I felt I had to and not because I wanted to, and there was an obvious decline in my roleplay and 229’s roleplay, I am not entirely blaming this as the reason but not leading by example was a definite mistake.

The outcome from this was a decline in my attitude toward the server at the time and not realising that I was making these mistakes, leading myself to become more bitter to other members of the community and arguing a lot of the time with the staff team, now whilst my arguments might have had some relevance the way I went about things was wrong, and for that I can only apologise. At the time a different or differing opinion was something that I took personal instead of realising that people are entitled to their own opinions. Looking back, I was extremely immature, and the decisions that I was making lacked the qualities of a good leader.

I take responsibility for the decline in roleplay provided by 229 and the experience that others were having being of a lesser quality due to this, I take responsibility for this because as a leader it was my responsibility to ensure the members of my gang were informed when they have made mistakes or how to improve, and due to my feelings toward the server at the time there was less and less communication between myself and the members of my gang about improvements they could make.

However something that I do pride myself on, is that for a long time I made sure that I was proactive and ensured that all mistakes that the members of 229 were making were outlined and they were giving a clear plan on how to improve the mistakes that they have made, and ensure that mistakes were not repeated, as I have always felt repeating the same mistake is no longer a mistake and becomes more of an intention. I tried wherever possible to attend all conversations that people were having and make sure that the outcome was positive for all parties involved and ensure that the changes were implemented into the server, thus improving the scenarios that we were engaging with and making sure that anyone interacting with 229 was positive.

I spent a large amount of my time whilst playing the server attempting to improve the community and allow for growth of the community, I always spent time explaining people's mistakes and ideas that they could apply to their roleplay in the next instance.

Over time this started declining and the reason behind this was because I was burnt out and had little motivation to do so, I started to play the blame game, and pass of my mistakes onto other things, looking back this was a key mistake in the decline of my own roleplay, and the lack of my roleplay was directly accountable for the lack of roleplay provided by 229. Taking a break from the server was something that I needed to do more frequently, to allow myself time away and to think over the things I was doing and to ensure that I kept a positive attitude and remained proactive throughout my time as a leader.

The constant battles 229 got into, which again as a leader is something that I can only take the blame for, was partly the reason that I did not take these breaks as I felt I had to be there, and the tedious nature of constantly fighting with little intervals was always going to become a reason for someone's lack of motivation. Repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is classed as insanity. Whilst I am not insane, the actions that we were repeating was never going to lead to a positive and engaging experience whilst playing the server, and lead to more and more liaisons and negative interactions between members of the community and the staff team, something that inevitably lead to my ban.

The reason that I feel I should be unbanned is that I have taken time to digest the reason for my ban and the mistakes that I repeatedly made, I have always prided myself on being able to improve mistakes whilst my recent history and actions does not show this to the best extent, I can ensure you that I will remain that proactive member of the community that is striving to improve not only myself but the people around me at all times, and take the breaks when needed to remain motivated.

I feel that before the last 3-4 months before my ban, every situation that I was in I attempted to provide unique and high-quality roleplay not only for my own entertainment but for the other parties involved, and wherever possible I was trying to push this onto the people around me and create an environment that was exciting to be a part of. I spent time coming up with new ideas and ways of making situations fun, and not repeating the same scripts until they were blatantly obvious and predictable, I pride myself on being able to do this.

Despite the mistakes that I have made I can assure you that If I was given another chance to be a member of the community that you would see myself bringing a positive influence rather than one heading in a negative direction, and I will not repeat the actions leading to my ban.

I feel that more detail Is required on the reasons for why, before the ban I did notice a decline in the roleplay my gang was providing and realised deep down that the reasons for this was mostly myself, whilst people in the gang made mistakes, the repetition of this was my responsibility. I felt the gang slipping and I was always one step behind I was trying to argue the mistakes that the gang was making, rather than being proactive about this and stopping them before they happened, and being on the back foot all the time was a greater drain on my own motivation, meaning that it became a vicious cycle. As I said earlier there was a great decline in my attitude towards most things, and an ever-greater decline in my leadership.

Since my time leading 229 I took a lot of players in that many others wouldn’t have do their history, I provided an environment for them that was fun but still pursued high quality roleplay, and for a long time there was the perfect balance, between fun and seriousness. I only ever wanted to provide a place for people to have fun and enjoy themselves as we all know people play the server for a break from reality and to have freedom in whatever storyline that they decide to be, being able to help provide that to 23 people for nearly 2 years was something I was very proud of.

The idea of losing this at the time was something that I took very personal, I was blindsided and the repeated mistakes and the backlash we received because of this was something I took personal because I felt I was doing positive as explained in the previous paragraph, when I wasn’t anymore.

Whilst I might have been providing a fun environment for the members of 229 at the time, there was a element in which we were taking this away from others and there was no longer any balance or equilibria between what the gang and I was doing compared to others. There was a lack of consideration for the other people that we were interacting with, and therefore the complaints kept rolling in, and I did take the initiative to change anything because I didn’t want to take the “fun” away for 229.

Now looking back this was the biggest mistake I made, not changing things soon enough and when I realised that it was too far gone to be saved was around the time that I received the ban.

I have had three months to think about this and by appealing in the first place I hope it’s known that I do want to be a part of the community not only for my own benefit but to help repair the mistakes that I have made and the overall effect that this might have had on members of the community, I know there is a serious doubt on whether I do want to return and make improvements to the mistakes that I have previous outlined.

But I hope the effort that I have put into this appeal shows the first steps in improving the previous mistakes and a general attitude that I do want to be better; I know that there is a lack of trust right now and that is something that I endeavour to regain over time and I know that it is going to take a lot of time and not something that Is going to happen quickly.

I have been a part of the community since 2015 and seen the growth that the server has had, and I want to remain a part of the community and continue seeing the growth.

I understand that I might not have covered specific questions or reasons for certain actions that I have taken, but I have attempted my best to generalise everything, if you have any questions or require myself to go into more specific detail surrounding certain topics, I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read.



Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes

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Good evening @KCAJ, I hope all is well with you! 🙂

You've spoken a lot about your previous roleplay here, and how the gang was going before you were banned.
I appreciate there's a lot of detail and effort that's gone into this appeal which is nice and refreshing to see.

You were given a chance to come clean in your last appeal regarding using ChatGPT, why did you lie?

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Good evening danoo,

I appreciate the time that you have taken to read the appeal and acknowledged the effort that I have gone into, 

I was given a chance to tell the truth which is something that I did, I still stand by the fact that I didn't use chat GPT to write that appeal, I opened a ticket and offered to write the appeal whilst streaming, and attempted to show proof that I wrote the appeal, I was told that the decision would stand and would face a 3 month ban. Which I have no issue with, I had lost all my trust in the community at the time and there was no reason to believe me at all.

Now 3 month's later going to a great amount of effort to write an appeal and assuring you that I want to learn from the mistakes I have made before, the first mistake I could make is lying to you about my last appeal, which is why I am being truthful when I say I wrote that appeal, myself with no use of chat GPT.

On the last appeal the evidence that I used chat GPT was taken from limited data input, essentially my appeal was over 12,000 characters long but the images showing the use of chat GPT used around 1000 characters and therefore showed a higher probability that I used AI. Using the entire appeal in the same application that was used to deem it was written by AI comes back with the comment shown below. The use of AI detectors is also fairly unreliable as keywords and unique use of words in a structured sentence triggers the threshold for determining whether it was "human" or "AI"

Your Text is Most Likely Human written, may include parts generated by AI/GPT

Now I can appreciate that the decision was made at the time and due my attitude towards the server at the time I can see why it was assumed that I didn't actually put the effort into the appeal at all, and used chat GPT.

However after I have had 3 months to think about my ban and wanting to return I would be very silly to lie again. I could turn around and say that I did infact use chat GPT and lie but that would be starting the fresh journey with a severe lack of integrity, and whilst this would be an easy way back into the community. I am a man of integrity and whilst I would love to return to the server I will not lie to benefit myself.

Something that I think the community is made from, people realising their mistakes and owning them in order to improve.

So it is with that explanation that I hope you can believe me.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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Hello there @KCAJ, good to see you back!

Now, you and I have been speaking about your last appeal in detail and you know why the decision was made in the end. Let´s move on from that, shall we? 

I see you talking about your previous time here and how you appreciate the community and the server, but some questions remain open still... The reason you got banned this time around, I will not go into detail on how we ended up there, you know that yourself - what I would like to know is why? After up to 4 months of sitting on these things. Why then? 

Also, if you were to get unbanned, what are your plans? 229 is no more, neither is SeaSide. Are you planning on keeping going with Jack Ronald and what if we decided that Jack is no more, due to everything that has happened with the gang in the end? 


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Hi Sammy, 

As for the question why then?

In all honesty, I had nothing left to lose really, the gang that I had spent 2 years building up with the help of others had basically gone, friends that I have known for a long time and some that are nothing to do with the RPUK community banned, it was more a last ditch attempt at holding onto something, it was wrong of me in both ways, to sit on the information for so long, and then to throw it out there in an act of revenge, rather than an act of this is not something that should be present in the server.

At the end I was thinking of myself rather than viewing the whole picture and it was a selfish act, to keep the information hidden and only share it through spite, not in the terms of to cause deliberate hurt to someone, but more to keep some sort of control, losing the gang, friends and other things was the main reason for this. It was purely a reaction, looking back this was extremely immature and for that I do sincerely apologise. At the time I was not really thinking of the affect my actions might have, and the decisions I made were rash and rushed, but once they had been made it was certain, there was no going back from it. 

I hope that answers the why/why then question, if there is more that you would like myself to elaborate on, I am more than happy.

As for Jack Ronald, I am aware that 229 and the gang that the residual members of 229 made "seaside" are no longer a thing.

As for my character in roleplay being the leader of 229, there is multiple avenues of roleplay that I would like to implement as to how they ended, and the story that I might continue from this could bring at least in my opinion some really high quality and interesting roleplay.

The gang was not the only thing that I had in roleplay, and therefore there is still a lot of story line and character evolvement that can still take place without 229 and seaside being a thing.

I know myself that I can roleplay, create and alter scenarios for the better and I am confident in my ability for this to take place immediately with the character Jack Ronald, whilst it might not have been shown much over the previous period before my ban, I have been involved and orchestrated many roleplay scenarios that many people have been involved with and had lots of fun.

The point I am trying to make is that my character Jack Ronald has a lot of relationships with people who have spent time developing their characters for a long time, the same people whom 229 might have affected negatively at some point, and I feel that it would be easier for myself to continue with the Jack Ronald character in terms of improving the mistakes that I have made and righting some of the wrongs that I have made previously. 

The relationships that I have with that character some are with factions/organisations that are praised on their quality roleplay, and that is something that I would love to be able to add to, and overall I think this would be positive for the server as whole.

I understand there is obviously a worry about my past on that character and that I might not be able to move away from 229/SeaSide however this is not the case, I do have relationships that I would like to and enjoy pursuing away from gang life entirely. I do understand everything that happened with the gang at the end and why this would be a reason for my character deletion. 

But there is storylines and progression that has happened with Jack Ronald and relationships in character with many people that are unrelated to 229, and thus I feel I would be able to adapt and progress providing high quality roleplay and benefitting the server without 229 and SeaSide.

I am also planning on making if allowed, another character, potentially a solicitor, the reason being is that I have not experienced that side of roleplay during my time here and would like to, something fresh and will allow the breaks that I spoke about previously.

Thank you for the reply Sammy, and those who took the time to read.



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It´s always good to see when people turn a corner and are able to take responsibility for their actions, we appreciate that. 

All that being said, there is still a major worry I need to address - What has become of your relationships with other 229/Seaside members? I guess it is safe to assume that recent developments have not gone unnoticed by you and you are aware whom and what I am talking about? How can we, after everything that´s happened over the last couple of months, rest assured that you don´t find yourself in the same drawer as those despicable individuals? How would we be able to ensure the safety of our community members, knowing your affiliation with certain people over the last couple years? What´s your take on what has happened? 


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To be honest with you sammy, as much as I know 229/SeaSide has been disbanded the intricate details as to why is something that I am not entirely sure of, and the people that you are talking about yes I am aware of. Without knowing the full details of what has happened I can't give you an informed take or my opinion on the matter, but they are banned and there is always a reason for being in that position, being here now I can say that with certainty. 

When I was first banned I was removed from the group members discord, and took myself away from the discords associated with RPUK members in general, I removed gta as a game, and decided that I was going to use the three months to take a proper break. I was still playing other games but as for being able to gather information to what has happened since my ban, I have had quite literally zero involvement with anything RPUK related, it was only in the last few weeks that I did join the SeaSide discord, the reason for this was I potentially planned to join there if my unban was successful, I spoke with Dazz and what they were putting across sounded refreshing, a priority for them being roleplay, and moving away from the gang wars etc, this was before the recent developments. I knew members of the gang and so with that being taken into account the familiarity and the positive changes that seemed to be taking place at a first glance, this was a potential option for myself.

It is not an unknown fact that I have known some of the people you're talking about for nearly 8 years now, and others for the best part of 2-3 years. The actions that they have taken what ever they might be, whilst I could probably find out the full details, is not in my interest. I don't mean that in a ignorant way I mean it as I have no desire to know, I have had no involvement in whatever they have done to receive their bans. 

I can fully understand the concerns that and the necessity you have to ensure that I am not "in the same drawer" as them, and the reasons being to protect the members of the community, knowing the people that we are talking about better than the average member of the community, and thus there is a concern that I could do the same thing. Firstly I hope the fact that I am here going into detail and putting effort shows you that I do want to be a member of the community, and the fact that since the ban I have had no involvement in what has taken place already gives you some sort of assurance that I will not involve myself in the future, and that I am not in the same drawer as the people in question. At the time of my ban I could have gone down a different route and would have been the most "suitable" time, just receiving a ban losing something I spent a lot of time and effort creating would have been a catalyst for myself to do something similar to them. However I took the time to have a break, think about the things that I did wrong, and isolated myself from RPUK in general, and did not involve myself, I hope again this gives you some assurance, that at the time where I had lost complete motivation for the server I did not stoop to that level, and would not.

Throughout my entire 8 years in the community I have never showed any intentions or signs of doing something like that, we all might say things out of temper or anger, but nothing I have done has been with conscious thought or been premediated, and that's because I am not that kind of person. I wasn't when I first started playing RPUK back in november of 2015, and I am not now. Even at the worst point in RPUK for myself I didn't turn that corner, and I am not going to now. 

If there is anything else you need myself to elaborate on, or I have not explained a question in full I am more than willing to.

Thank you for taking the time to reply sammy.


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Very well, let´s cut to the chase - What is your current relationship with Cameron Garcia and his friendship circle? Are you in contact at all? Friends? Coincidental conversations? You say you were invited to the Seaside discord, so I can only assume you have seen some interesting things before people started moving on to another discord server? So have we. 

I believe you when you say you have cut yourself off for some time - but considering everything I hinted at above has come up again in the last 48h and the affiliation you have or used to have with those people, it is really hard to believe you are not aware of certain details. 

And Dazz is an interesting person to bring up, as he has literally sat in the middle of all this and is currently banned himself. 


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Currently I wouldn't class myself as being a part of their friendship group, I am in the discord, It is not something that I spend my time conversating in or checking that often to be honest, I saw the ordeal with the bans, some thoughts as to why. Cheating is a potential reason for some bans? Not something I have ever been interested in doing, I have always been a competitive person and coming against cheaters in various different games is frustrating, it's never crossed my mind to do the same thing. I think cheating on any platform shows a severe lack of integrity and a win/loss mindset which is something that does not promote healthy roleplay.

Since the ban I haven't really spoke with ron, there has been some passing comments to each other, nothing in detail or at length. We both went separate ways after both receiving bans, I can only assume the reason for this is that playing the server was the main thing keeping us in contact often, both being members of the same gang. We do not speak regularly or play similar games and at this current moment I wouldn't class myself as a friend. As for the others if you're wanting complete honesty I played counter-strike 2 with a few people, around a week ago, spoke about the server and what was happening and talked about my unban appeal date coming up, and what I might do if I am successful being unbanned. Nothing at the time seemed out of the ordinary, I saw some discord announcements as this gives you a notification about mining trips, and smelting. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary around a week ago. None of this was a regular thing and happened maybe twice, that we played cs2.

**I did have a conversation about a locker of mine and discussed the reasons for the contents of the locker being removed from the server with the person I shared the locker with, It wasn't really in my control due to being currently banned. Following this conversation I opened a ticket, I think I have the log of the ticket if you require.

The reason that I mentioned dazz is because I had a conversation with him about what his plans with SeaSide were and what changes that they have made since being in 229, as I was not going to entertain joining if nothing had changed or improved the mistakes that 229 were making repeatedly. The conversations that we had were about RPUK and mainly what the "vision" was for SeaSide.

All of this was essentially surface details and was not in the loop about current things going on, or the things that they were doing such as cheating this was something that I saw mentioned, and I am not sure who was or how long for or I didn't even know that they were doing it until yesterday after some images were posted.

Because I was banned I didn't check the discord often, I would look at intervals and therefore would not be following conversations that were going on, or really paying much attention to it, I saw yesterday that a large amount of bans were handed out and the some of the reasons that they thought it was for, mainly a guessing game at first. Then If i recall something was mentioned about someone posting something because of a unban appeal decision, I haven't seen what they have posted or what the contents of whatever it was. 

Thank you for the reply, if there is any more questions I can answer, I will do truthfully.


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What do you know of Ron´s recent activities? Dox videos? Him going after community members? If so, why associate with someone like that at all? 


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Since the ban I took myself away from everything, I was in the dark with everything. Ron's video was something that I didn't know was posted until recently, there was some conversation about making something like that when the first bans were handed out, but very shortly after my ban I left everything and was not involved with anything from there, and thus I haven't seen the video we are talking about, I know it exists, and the video has members of the community involved. But the contents of the video I have not seen, and the production of the video is something I was not involved with.

I wouldn't really say we associate as of recent and since my ban I haven't had a conversation with him, about anything, let alone doxxing.

The choices that he makes are his own, and frankly nothing I say or do is going to change the decisions that he makes, which again is a big reason for the step back from the server and RPUK related discords that I took, I didn't want all the drama, and at the time I didn't really care for anything RPUK related to be frank I had, had enough. So the on-goings and details around what ron has done/doing is something I have limited information on.

Whilst I can imagine the people involved in the video feel a range of emotions from anger to being upset, I didn't take part in the creation or development of the video and couldn't tell you the how/when/where it was posted or made. It is not something that I would do or want to be involved with.


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Very well @KCAJ

I have gone through a lot of opinions in the last couple of days - some in your favour, some not at all and many, many others heavily on the fence. Due to all the circumstances surrounding yourself and your unban appeal, I have not had an easy time coming to a conclusion and I want you to remember this. 

But I have seen multiple sides of you in the last years and I firmly believe that you can be a valuable addition to this community, if you put your mind to it and surround yourself with the right people. Within our long conversation about all these things yesterday, you gave yourself a lot of pointers for the future, unbanned or not - and trust me, I will keep you to every single word you said! 

So, here is how it is going to go:

- You will think of story that works for "Jack Ronald" and his absence and stick by it.
- 229 is no more and will not be again.
- You are not to join ANY group, including the Lost MC and the Firm, on any character for at least 3 months. 
- After those 3 months, you are free to join any group you´d like, however, Senior positions are off the table for an additional 3 months. 
- Leader and Co-Leader positions of any group are a no for any of your characters until successfully appealed with Staff Leads. 
- You step out of line in terms of the discussion we had yesterday, your chance is over and done with. 

These terms are harsh and they are harsh for a multitude of reasons, as you are aware. Do you think you can keep to the above and go back to being a valuable member of this community again? 



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I agree to these conditions. 

I won't be here again, thank you for giving me the chance, 

As I said in the conversation I can roleplay and provide positivity to the server, and over the next few months I will be able to show this through my actions, the conditions will not affect it.

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Alright then.

I have issued an unban and I sincerely hope you will not make me regret that decision! Welcome back.


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Welcome Back!

Now that you’ve been unbanned don’t forget to give our rules a thorough read over again here.

Please note unbans on the server are instant and you will be able to connect straight away.

Additionally, to get more involved with the community join our Steam Group and Discord!

Steam Group: RPUK Steam Group

Discord: RPUK Discord



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