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Bingle - Specifically Ariel

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So I am not sure if this has been done before and I have missed it however I just wanted to say that as infuriating as Avion can find Bingle sneaking into the Police Stealing our documents and then setting fire to everything the roleplay they provide is pretty much always top notch and enjoyable.  They have an interesting storyline I can honestly say I always want to know what's going to happen next and keep it interesting for the other parties involved even when injured.  

I would also like to recommend Ariel specifically. Earlier today after a pursuit she was shot by officers and I ended up being involved in providing her with first aid and ultimately arresting her due to shenanigans such as one police station burning down, then the hospital then another hospital being closed and finally another police station being set on fire followed by me getting stabbed the RP lasted close to 2 hours. now I would describe 2 hours of being in my company to be a breach of Article 8 ( Cruel and Unusual Punishment) for most people however she kept the Roleplay up and kept it interesting throughout even when injured. I found this an incredibly enjoyable situation to be a part of and although I have already thanked her in OOC I believe that she and the rest of Bingle should get some recognition for the level of RP they provide. 

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I enjoyed every single second of it, It was really fun on my side and really interesting to give handcuffed first aid 🤣

The whole Paleto PD burning down and superman Avion running in to save Ariel was funny AF, nothing like this could of been planned was all in the moment and it made it super fun and enjoyable. Also I want to thank you for putting up with my shit for nearly 2 hours straight haha 

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