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Altis Life UK Server Development - Changelog

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Altis Life UK - 6.1


Added: Profession System - Get better at something as you do it! You will get more skill points selected in your Y menu. This is unique to our server!


Added: Trojan Skin- Police have a new skin for their new Trojan unit!


Changed: Large trucks cannot be retrieved/stored at Home Garages.

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Altis Life UK - 6.2


Added: Earplugs (SHIFT + P) - You can now use this command to put earplugs in and out which magically do not filter out voices (Just in-game sound and intro music) so you can now role play in the choppers!


Added: House expiry feature, If you do not login to the server every 60 days your garage and house will be put back on the market. To start with there will be a mass clearup on the 4th of January at the 8pm restart so to keep your property you will need to login to the server between now and then.


Changed: Various backend rewrites


Fixed: Police will now be able to search vehicles for weed & meth, before this was not working correctly


Fixed: Tempest device now works on the redzone drug fields.


Removed:  Zafir's and LMG's

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Altis Life UK - 6.3


Added: Apples and Peaches can now be taken to the West Country Farmer to be turned in to CIDER!!!!..which can be sold to the pub.. being from Bristol and living on the somerset border this is my fav update!


Added: NHS now have a coastguard unit... thats right the orange boat & orange liferaft has been added for the NHS to get out in Kavala along with diving and breathing equipment so they can respond to SOS calls.


Added: Police and NHS now have there own "sidechat" style way of communication so they can type to each other if needed.

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Altis Life UK - 6.4


Added: MPU SDAR Added

Changed: MPU Spawn

Fixed: Putting people into boats.

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Altis Life UK - 6.5


Added: NHS Offroader

Added: NHS Kavala Helipad NPC

Added: NHS Medipad for dead bodies!

Changed: extDB database connector

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Altis Life UK - 6.6


Added: You want some? T-shirt added to the clothes shop

Added: Police RPU hatchback sport skin (with new police logo)

Added: Police RPU SUV skin (with new police logo)

Added: Police Prisoner transport

Added: New Police Uniform

Added: New PCSO Uniform


Changed: Police SUV skin (new logo added)

Changed: Police Hatchback skin (new logo added)

Changed: Police Hunter skin (new logo added)

Changed: Police Offroad (new logo added)

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Altis Life UK - 6.7


Added: Complete face-lift for Kavala Police HQ including a "sit down script" on certain chairs.

Added: New on screen Blood effects when your downed

Added: NLR timer to help you obey the rule.

Added: New Illegal Item - Clams and Pearls

Changed: Both Servers increased to 120 slots


Added: First Altis Life server to put detail into buildings















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Altis Life UK - 6.8


Added: New startup engine that shows you what step the server is on when recieving data from the server, It has been given a nice new looking design.


Added: New intro information screen that shows our logo and gives details of the server as well as clickable links to the rules and website, You need to press continue on this before it shows you the spawn screen (We believe this will help with website signups and people reading the rules... maybe)


Added: Disconnect now goes to a outro of the Union Jack flying while the server syncs with the database and then goes to a mission end screen which again displays our website.


Added: Our logo watermark added to the corner of the screen.









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Altis Life UK - 6.8.5


Added: Gas station added to Police training area so they can train for Gas station robberys

Removed: Logo watermark removed from the corner

Fixed: Environment disabled S1

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Altis Life UK - 6.8.5


Added: "Kavala Mode" system, enable this through settings mode to get better FPS!

Changed: Map marker system rewrote, the GPS now also shows the markers aswell

Changed:Civilians are no longer able to deploy Spikestrips or Objects.

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Before we go into the full details we are pleased to announce server #1 has hit the 3rd ranked Arma 3 server in the world today.




As i have previously said its not about the numbers however this shows how popular we now are filling server 1/server 2 every-night along with 600-700 members signing into the website daily and over 3000 unique hits daily so give yourselves all a massive pat on the back! and all before our 1 year birthday which is now only 30 days away!!!


Altis Life UK - 7.0


Added: Dynamic Market - We were the first community in the UK to bring this to you in our Takistan Life release in June/July and we are very pleased to bring a new custom version to Altis Life UK which has been fine tuned to our economy, We cant wait to see people changing trades due to the price dropping when a vast number of items are sold/bought!


Added: Y Menu Marketplace option - Find out the latest prices on the go!, This will be your life safer when deciding of what to do next based on the current ever changing item prices.


Added: Capture the Rebel Outpost! - If you capture any of the rebel outposts any items bought from the rebel marketplace you get a 20% cut of the price which gets added to your gang funds (The gang needs to be online and the store captured to receive - If taken over the new capturing gang will then receive the proceedings from there on)


Added: Professions - The professions have recieved a big update and they now make actions faster such as Impounding (Police) Crushing (Police) Processing for every single item(Civ) with the framework in place to bring this to Bountyhunters and NHS soon!


Added: Fuel - Introducing the fuel system! Cars now use realistic fuel amounts meaning they need to be refilled at fuel stations which now charge for fuel! (Cannot personally wait to see someone contact the ARAC due to running out of fuel!)


Added: Random Earthquakes - Earthquakes will come and go around the hour mark and will be worse around the Epicenter which is shown on the map


Added: Athira Facelift - The first part of the Athira facelift has taken place by adding the new police station & garage along with a safezone & Altis Photography


Added: Illuminati Spike-strips and Cone perk/skill - Civilians/Rebels can now use spike strips and cones again that they have found/stolen with this new skill


Added: Offroad & Truck skins! - All the textures hidden deep in Arma have now been added to the box truck/truck and the offroad meaning those awesome camo skins you see in Battle royale are now available for purchase on Altis Life UK!


Added: NHS Vehicle ranking implemented - If you are in the NHS you now have access to certain types of vehicles depending on your rank.


Added: Max Skills now increased by one to suffice for the new skill (Illuminati cone/spike-strip)


Added: Police can now Seize primary or secondary weapons.


Added: Ability to Re-Read the rules on by pressing escape and clicking on the website link on the escape menu.


Added: Altis Photography is alive! - Get yourself down to the green screen in Athira get taking pictures and get creative here on the forums!


Added: AEGIS base added along with (AEGIS are the first to get this) a AEGIS billboard which shows there logo & a subdomain of aegis.altislife.co.uk which will go live soon and link to there gang recruitment/information thread.


Added: GC base added - Please note due to issues in GC getting a completed base to us in-time the temporary base template has been added for them in a random location.



Changed: Bounty hunter system - If you hold the licence once again you can now view the wanted list from the Y menu Bounties option. (New Meta-gaming rules to be added by the weekend)


Changed: Cop Special Units are now separately white listed - You get the items for the UNIT your in meaning if your not in NPAS for example then you are unable to access a helicopter etc.


Changed: Tazer reload time reduced by 1 second.


Changed: Y Menu Re-Shuffled


Changed: Diamond mine & Processor moved


Changed: Kavala square billboards to show our website and new logo.

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Altis Life UK - 7.1


Added: Various Performance updates

Added: FriendlyFireGuy's Donator Billboard at Athira 

Added: New Intro Song (Restored our first ever intro song as we approach the start of our 1 year birthday)

Changed: Kavala Police station amendments

Removed: Houses in the bank compound 

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Altis Life UK - 8.0


Added: Mayor System - You can vote at the voting booth near the Kavala Station in town (Next to the office building, marker coming soon). You can also apply for mayor there, please ensure to write a good and convincing application! The elections end on Friday at Eight PM, and at the reboot the new mayor based off votes will be in office.


Added: Gang Ranks - You can now select ranks for gangs. From 1-4, 1 being new, 4 being leader. Rank 3 has the ability to kick/promote to tier two, and to invite.


Added: UI Tweaks - UI Updated with new text and loading bars.


Added: New vehicle arrows edited, when a car spawns you can see a icon over the top of the car!


Added: Some misc skills around carrying items.


Added: New police searching.


Added: New Item Icons.


Added: Skill cap increased by one skill point. (5 Levels)


Added: Masks enabled, hide your name by wearing one!


Added: Ghillie suits no longer show nametags.


Added: All ATMS (Original Arma 3 Ones in the Map) are usable! But you need to track one down! No markers for them are in place.

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Altis Life UK - 8.1


Added: New status bar icon for earbuds being in

Added: Auto Sync - New method that is more efficient

Added: New Spawn/Disconnect Animation

Added: Secret backend amendments

Fixed: Strong backpack talent now recalculates weight on getting the talent, and when respecing it.

Removed: Admin 3D Editor 

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Altis Life UK - 8.2 


Added: New Kavala Wall

Added: Open Mic Stage/Election speech stage & stand for audience.

Added: New Mayors Office with detail & polling booth

Added: New billboards & signs.

Removed: The Casino has gone temporary until a new home is completed













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Altis Life UK - 8.2.1


Added: New Anti-Cheat checks

Added: Vehicles now have a sync button in their inventory. This will cause the car to sync to the DB.

Added: Marmite added to the game (Marmite Miners)

Added: New item icons thanks to @CSI Fuel

Added: Cider is able to be drank.

Changed: Cars now delete items from the inventory if they are illegal when storing them.

Changed: NHS Helipad adjusted, no more falling from the sky on spawn.

Changed: SUV Flipping Disabled

Fixed: Fishing fixed, requires you to be out at sea to fish.

Fixed: Self Restraining

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Altis Life UK - 8.2.2


Added: Marmite added to shops.

Fixed: Anticheat tweaked to prevent false flags.

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Altis Life UK - 8.3


Changed: Many GUI tweaks and a few backend tweaks to make the server perform better.

Fixed: Issue with The NHS Interaction menu not working

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Altis Life UK - 8.3.1


Changed: Police objects reworked, should no longer desync and attempt to fly away.

Fixed: Vanishing cars.

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Altis Life UK - 8.3.6


Added: Mentors have moved in to the tourist information shop

Added: aBay auction site now fully operationally and looks like a car dealership

Added: Vladic Ka has a fine selection of fruit and veg on offer (Market)

Added: Fishmarket has a home but is not yet open....

Added: Center section added to kavala high street 

Changed: Kavala Bar is now the Bearded Clam (Detail Added)

Changed: RBA Bank moved and has a facelift

Changed: Greenzone extended

Changed: Drug dealer moved... it was time for a small change. (Crazyone Suggestion)

















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Altis Life UK


Changed: Both drug dealers moved

Changed: handgun store near Kavala moved to Zaros

Removed: Blackmarket in UNMC area (temp removed)

Removed: PRNA checkpoint

Removed: PRNA Territory

Removed: PRNA base

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Altis Life UK - 8.4

Added: Our own custom DB connector.

Changed: Nametags have been amended and now look visually nicer.

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Altis Life UK - 8.4.1


Fixed: Disappearing Shipwreck Markers

Added: Police Flashbangs




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Altis Life UK - 8.4.2


Added: Altis Tourist Map - Brand new map where you can filter what markers are shown on the map. This is useful for everyone as you can now easily find a marker within congested areas like towns! Open it using Shift + M. (More filters for this to come!)


Fixed: Police HUD wanted list fixed. Now orders by wanted amount.


Removed: Ciaran INC has found a way to suspend plate movements. (Earthquakes removed.)

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Altis Life UK - 8.4.3

Added: New drug dealer located in Pygros (Pays 75% less) 
Added: New multi drug processor base in redzone... Let the taxing begin to whoever holds it!, You can capture it so it shows on the map and tax everyone that arrives to process any drug (I expect some awesome battles and awesome RP from this)
Added: Blackmarket returns in a new location (The base is a redzone)
Added - TKC Gang Base
Added - EXP Gang Base
Added - GC Gang Base
Added - BG Gang Base
Changed: Kavala drug dealer back in the main church (Pays full price)
Changed: Athria drug dealer now in a shady cemnatary (Pays 25% less)
Changed: Meth Drug Dealer (Jessie Pinkman) moved to Sofia
Changed: Cocaine Processing location
Changed: Rock Quarry location
Changed: Rebel Outposts moved (Temp Location)
Changed: The way the redzone looks
Removed: Last in-game leftovers of the UNMC - RIP
Removed: 2nd drug fields for coco, heroin & weed (Redzone)
Preview (Mutil Drug Processor):
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