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Altis Life UK Server Development - Changelog

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Return of the Sprayshop!

  • The Sprayshop is now back ingame for all to use, simply make your way to the locations marked on the map, and hit the Interaction Key to use (while sitting in the drivers seat of your vehicle).
  • Bug where a person could sit in the Copilot seat of a Heli to avoid the fuel script. This has been fixed.
  • Anticheat changed to stop attacks that happened earlier today.
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Sorry about the delay - from the 4pm restart

  • Added - Map Key
  • Modified - Total map redesign
  • Removed Red Zone 
  • New Kavala Police Station thanks to @Fuel
  • Removed - Vehicle HUD - We felt that the vehicle HUD was not really used that much.
  • Removed - Tourist Map (Shift+M)
  • Removed - aBay (Existing auctions will be returned to users as and when they end
  • Optimized - HUD Script
  • Optimized - ALUKAC System
  • Optimized - Sync Data Script 
  • Optimized - Various other parts of the serverside and clientside.

Please report any bugs with the map, this overall will continue into 2016.

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Live from the 8PM restart

Added: New Kavala Square

Added: Kavala Casino returns

Added: Animated NPC trial (Live in Rosewait Stores)

Added: Kavala Car Park (A place where you can RP as a parking attendant and park)

Added: Altis Skytours (A place where pilots can run tours from)

Added: A few optimisations from Ciaran to the code/server.

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Amended - Kavala Car Park

Removed - Altis Skytours - Feedback about choppers being too noisy when roleplaying

Amended - Greenzone expanded to cover car park - Feedback

Added - Hugo Ross clothing store Kavala

Added - Derek Trotter autos Kavala

Added - DVLA now in government building

Added - Church now in Kavala square (lights up nicely at night)

Added - War memorial near Kavala square as a tribute to all UK soliders who lost there lifes in wars ( will be used for remembrance sunday - November)

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Amended - Server joining logo, brought it into 2016 as the one before was put on the server in the first week. (almost 1 year 11 months ago!)

Fixed - Casino prices, the slots now charge the correct amounts per bet it was set to (2K/5K/10K)

Amended - Casino slot images to the above

Added - New Orca red skin (Credits to @Ociex )


Update will be pushed out at the 8pm restart 05/01/2016

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Blocked - Squad.xml's until further notice

If you have a squad.xml please remove this for Altis Life UK servers.

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This is mainly a collective post of changes that have been made to the S1 box in the last few days (since Saturday - Its been a long week of changes!).

  • Added:
    • ALUKCon - Heavily modified internal version of MBCon(Created by Maca134, https://github.com/maca134/MBCon/) that we modified to suit our needs, and to work with Linux without causing any problems. (Mostly removing DllImports to Windows Libraries, case sensitivity issues and so forth) Atop of this, we also made a suite of "plugins" to run within this application, which are as follows:
      • ALUKRestarter:
        • In-House restarter plugin, main differences to the previous run down BEC scheduler include:
          • The server is locked just before restart.
          • Everyone is kicked before the server is closed.
          • Restart announcements are a lot more informative.
          • The system is extremely configurable, so if we decide to change the restart intervals then it is the edit of one configuration away.
      • ALUKBans:
        • Nothing too new, just a replacement for the Python BEC plugin that we used to query bans from our database when players join.
        • No visible differences will be shown, yet it is much more robust than the previous Python counterpart that we made. (It should also be a tad bit faster to remove banned players as well)
      • ALUKChat:
        • This is something completely new, the ALUKChat plugin will automatically police the chat of the servers, ensuring that the chat is kept relatively civil, for a community on the internet at least...
        • The main things this plugin looks for are:
          • The use of possibly homophobic words.
          • Advertisement
          • Any other unwelcome words in the chat, that could be deemed racist, or just plain unpleasant. Use your mind before posting a message!
        • The way this plugin will operate is based on what blacklisted term the user used in their message, and the settings for that term in our management system.
        • As of now, this plugin is currently disabled, as we are still compiling a list of words and the repercussions for using that word in the chat, once we have implemented this plugin we will be completely open to hear your suggestions on what to change, words to remove / words to add to the system. Right now our focus is to mainly add words that could lead to offending someone, or completely defy the community rules.
  • Changed:
    • Case of many different files to make them bode well with the case sensitivity of Linux.
    • OS from Windows to Linux.
  • Removed:
    • BEC - Battleye Extended Controls - Defunct, replaced by ALUKCon.
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Its been a busy week of map updating, Once this is out and any bugs reported fixed (hopefully not many) We will move on to our next set of map updates and changes.

Added - Redzone: 


Added - Rebel Outpost: 


Added - Cannabis Garden: 


Added - Cocaine Processing: 


Added - 6 Hugo Ross Clothing Stores: 


Added - Altis Prison: 


Added - Scrap Yard: 


Added - South Peninsula Approach: 

Added - Athira Police Station 


Moved & Updated: All drug dealers: 


Please note Police and bounty hunters can no longer send people to jail from the Police stations, you now need to take the suspected criminal to the Prison

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Added: New NHS vehicle skins and clothing provided kindly by @killerabbit(more on this later today)

Added: Rebel outpost #2! #Rebelhill

Moved: Weed grower/field

Moved & Added: Weed Processor with detail

Moved: Meth Lab

Changed: NHS amendments to vehicles at different ranks

Removed: Redzones, Mixed feelings and experiences its clear on a second go they have no place on a roleplay server.


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Arma 3 "Eden" Update

Changed: AntiCheat update to support the new update.

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Added - KR Police textures with Police logo created by RyanDunne

  • White & Blue Hatchback sport
  • White & Black SUV
  • Offroad
  • Zamak
  • White Incident Support Boxer truck
  • White Hunter
  • I-99

Added - KR Spongebob SUV texture

Added - KR Jurassic Park SUV texture

Added - KR Hatchback Sport textures

Added - KR Monster clothing & Checkered shirt clothing

Amended - 50% Sale over - Amended back to 100%

Amended - All server names now amended to a more tidyer format

  •  [UK/EU] AltisLife.co.uk #1 - Altis Life
  •  [UK/EU] AltisLife.co.uk #2 - Altis Life
  •  [UK/EU] AltisLife.co.uk #3 - Altis Life

Removed - 6mb of Police Uniforms

Removed - 11mb of Police car textures

Removed - Some low quality ALUK Clothing

Removed - ALUK Outro (alot of you will be happy that the music has finally gone! - If your not already deaf)


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Added - British Airways Huron Skin

Added - Code related to making BA a white listed position

Fixed - Temp Police uniform can now be purchased in the police clothing shop

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Added - New Police Uniform (Designed by Xsum)

Added - New NCA Uniform (Designed by Xsum)

Amended - Armed Response uniform (Facelift by Wilco)

Added - New NHS Uniform (Designed by Wilco) 

Amended - 50% Discount is now live


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Removed - Police Boxer (Not needed)

Please note this update and the earlier one is now live.

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Fixed - British Airways shop fixed

Fixed - Medic naked bug

Amended - Mayor limo (filesize amendment)

Removed - Checkered shirt

Removed - Red Orca

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Please note this is a big map update and conversion to Eden format, Due to this please expect bugs, several tests have been made but we cannot be sure everything is working please report a bug if you find anything we we will get a fix out for the 12pm , 4am and 8am restarts

The following are known to us

Blank billboards and signs (placeholders)

Sand mine by Airport not working

Pub screens showing "out of date" event

Update Changelog:

Amended - Map fully converted to Eden formatted SQM

Amended - Various map changes (too many to list including Pub, Nightclub, NHS improvements, Pygros, etc)

Readded - 11 Robbie fuel stations

Readded - Prison Break (Guard is in Prison tower)

Added - New Police Hatchbacks ( Credit @DI Joseph Tadworth)

Added - New Police SUV (Credit @Spunky Bumlove)

Added - New White Police Offroad (Credit @Spunky Bumlove)

Added - PCSO Uniform (Credit @CI Xsum)

Removed - Many old external map files

Removed - Many old unused textures

Amended - 50% off sale is now over until April (Thanks for your kind donations once again)

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Added - ATM NHS Kavala & Pygros (As requested)

Fixed - Ramsey is back in the kitchen

Fixed - ATM Kavala Square

Fixed - PC Uniform access

Removed - Pygros Bar gate (Reports that it was client side for some)


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More fixes for todays 4PM,

My prime focus at the moment is our map, If you have a good idea or think a certain legal or illegal run should be changed then please suggest it here: http://www.altislife.co.uk/forum/26-your-suggestions/

Added - Altis Heritage "Wilco Plaque"

Added - Easter Bunny added to Kavala Statue (Happy Easter!)

Added - Honorary Billboard for @Unlucky Georgefor services to Altis Life UK

Added - 2nd Skydiving NPC (Location Airport)

Added - Skydiving markers to map

Added - Fuel pump to air repair

Added - ATM Pygros Police HQ

Added - Lights for Pygros Police HQ & NHS Clinic

Amended - Pub screen displays 

Fixed - Taxi NPC

Fixed - Kavala ATM , Pygros NHS ATM, Kavala NHS ATM

Fixed - Cocaine Processor

Fixed - Moved air repair a little further from the hanger

Removed - Various unused signs/billboard images

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4PM Update release

Added - ATM's to rebel outposts (yay.....but only until more rebel outposts/gang bases are added)

Added - NHS Pygros spawn point

Added - Iron processor re-added

Added - Copper processor re-added

Added - Oil processor re-added

Added - Neochori Fishmonger

Removed - Metal processor / Multi processor

Removed - 2nd Sand mine

Amended - Neochori boat & garage spawn

Amended - Iron mine location

Amended - Diamond processor location

Amended - Rock processor location

Amended - Poppy field location

Amended - Clam locations

Fixed - Police AR & NCA Uniforms



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5.20PM update 

Added - Athira Greenzone

Fixed - Respawn issue

Fixed - Copper Processor


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4PM Update

Added - Cashpoint at NPAS HQ.

Added - Rebel disputed territory border returns (Not a Redzone! - Home of the upcoming gang bases)

Added - Improved ConAir returns.

Added - Rebel territory boat shop & garage.

Added - Chalkeia Robable fuel station.

Fixed - NHS Pyrgos, 1 Item shop removed.

Fixed - Floating file at Athira Police HQ 

Fixed - Spelling of Pyrgos is now Pyrgos rather than Pygros on spawn point menus.

Fixed - Police can now sit in the office chairs at Athira Police HQ.

Removed - Easter Bunny (See you next year!)



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4AM Update

Added - 5th Order rebel base & spawn.

Added - LOV Gang Rebel base & spawn.

Added - Fuel stations now sell repair kits, tool kits, GPS but like true British service stations for an increased price!

Added - Sand Processor returns to Altis (He was on Holiday)

Fixed - Broken Conair garage spawn.

Fixed - Ziptie issue & Bountyhunters

Fixed - Spelling Mistake with Pyrgos NHS

Fixed - Kora Fuel renamed to Kore Fuel

Fixed - Rebel Boat Spawn


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3.30AM Update

Added - 50% Weapon & Vehicle sale for all players is now on for 10 days! (Thanks for your continued support)

Added - British Airways Speedhawk (Mohawk)

Added - Police Command Hunter Skin

Added - Armed Response Hunter Skin

Added - NCA Hunter Skin

Added - Police Offroad Black skin

Added - Marmite Miners Base

Added - The Warriors Base

Added - NLA Placeholder (Base being redone)

Added - Montana Placeholder (Base being redone)

Added - ATM added to Athira Police HQ

Amended 5th Order Base ( Nerf - another entrance )

Amended - LOV Base ( Nerf - another entrance )

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3AM Update

Added - British Airways to messaging system.

Added - British Airways Spawn.

Added - British Airways Markers.

Added - British Airways Airport Detail (WIP)

Added - New Police NPAS Uniform ( Credit: @CI Xsum)

Added - New Police NPAS I-99 Skin ( Credit:@DI Joseph Tadworth)

Added - New Police NPAS MH-9 Skin ( Credit:@DI Joseph Tadworth)

Added - New Police NPAS WA-99 Skin ( Credit:@DI Joseph Tadworth)

Added - New NHS SUV (Credit:@Spunky Bumlove)

Amended - NHS Uniform quality (Colour correction soon!)

Fixed - Nametag lag on dead bodys.


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Updated - Arma 1.58

Amended - Donation sale now ended (A little late this month) - Will return next month thanks for your support

Added - UNMC Spawn point


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