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Edgar Ville

Community Meetings

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Edgar Ville

A couple of months ago we brought (back) a forum for open discussion and community input, it's safe to say there's been a lot of positive changes that have come from your input and suggestions on how to address the issues we face together.

Recently, the issues communicated to myself and @FriendlyFireGuy have decreased. Either there are less problems and the system is working or the open discussion is a bit daunting to some people.

Either way, there's a solution. Starting immediately tonight the Community Meetings will be switching to a fortnightly event. Every other week, myself and @FriendlyFireGuy will be available for more private discussions with anybody who wishes to approach us.

This isn't to say that you can't on any other day or time, it just guarantees that at least one of us will be fully available and dedicated to that time.



To clarify; The Community Meeting is not occurring tonight, it will be held next Friday (2nd June)

As usual, you can submit any issues you have here;




I will leave this announcement unlocked for any suggestions, points or questions you have on this matter.

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