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Introducing Groups!

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Roleplay UK Groups

Another great feature that was added in the latest IPS update was the club feature which we have renamed to Groups!

We are very excited by this feature and what it brings to the table, It is now possible to create Your very own piece of Roleplay UK with your very own group, your very own forums, and very own gallery!

This is a game changer not just for Gangs, Police, NHS & UNMC but also for members who wish to create their own group for playing other games like PUBG or GTA5 (a group for people interested in the game) or maybe a group for the twitch streamers of RPUK to all share ideas and network with each other, The possibilities are in fact endless and we look forward to seeing what you can come up with!

As a group owner, you can setup your own forums and even lock and pin topics, Yes it is that powerful! We have created the stage but long term we want people to create their own stages on our platform, Create your own mini communities and run your own events on our servers or on other games.

Groups have 4 different privacy settings:

  • Public: Everyone can see the group and its posts, and can participate without joining.
  • Open: Everyone can see the group and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join.
  • Closed: Everyone can see the group and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join.
  • Private: Only members can find the group and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.

Group owners can also appoint their own group leaders and group moderators, your new group is already setup to handle growth, but with that comes responsibility to moderate your own group to face warnings of improvement or removal of ownership/closure

The management and staff team will not be reading or moderating your group forums unless we receive a report so it is important to follow the group rules:

  • Follow main forum rules
  • No offensive content/group names
  • Each group may define a set of rules in a post called "Rules", these must be followed as long as they don't contradict the main RPUK rules
  • All groups must have a description, profile avatar and header otherwise they won't be accepted
  • You can link your "gang" or "rebel" website if you have one in the description, however, you must have a link on that website back to www.roleplay.co.uk and must not promote or be active on other Roleplay community's
  • We reserve the right to remove groups and anytime should we have a valid reason

Let's have a closer look at a group that is already live! - The Copper Kings!


@CMO Norman and @S A L V (banner) have done a brilliant job showing what your group can be! As you can see all your group members are listed on the right-hand side (more sidebar features coming soon) and your home page has an activity feed of the latest going on!, Your forums and galleries are listed as tabs at the top and soon we will be adding access to the calendar so you can create your own group visible only events to it! (will appear as a tab)


In the member's tab all your group members will show with your group owner, leaders and moderators showing above in there own section (a little bit like the RPUK staff page), Members can join your group on the settings mentioned earlier in this post or can be invited by your owner/leader or moderators.


As you can see in your forum tab the forums pretty much look like the ones you are used too... but they're not! they are your own! Mmmmm does that not that feel good?! As mentioned above the Owner, Leader and moderators can lock, pin, edit and delete their own forums post (welcome to staff training simulator 2017).


This is what your forums posts look like! Completely like the rest of the forum! .... but there not they are yours! in your groups! 


And last, here is a screenshot of your gallery, you can create a number of these if you like and they will show up as individual tabs so let's just say you want one for screenshots and one for real life group meetups! It's possible! so do it!

Images uploaded will appear in this gallery and in the main forum's gallery (for group members only) which will link to that group, if you're not a member of the group you will not see them in the main gallery.

You can learn more about groups (IPS Name: Clubs) here: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/new-clubs-r1017/ and should you have any questions we have created a group for group owners so you can ask questions and learn more about features and how best to expand and promote your group:

That's it! you have the tools, so go and create your group! We wish you every success with its growth! 

The future is here


Wilco & The Management team

P.S The Rebels and Gangs forum will still exist for gang promotion, for example, you don't want people looking at your other topics until you've accepted their application, We are pleased to announce today we have lifted the editing post restriction (go and update your gang posts!)

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CMO Norman
Just now, BennyBait said:

Can the privacy of the group be changed once it's been created?

Go to Manage Group, change type :)

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Just now, CMO Norman said:

Go to Manage Group, change type :)

ty was just checking before I made it

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You can now add a blog to your group, do this by clicking "Manage Group", selecting "Blog", and then entering a name for your blog, and a description. 


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