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Edgar Ville

September Announcement

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Edgar Ville



Hello all,

It's a little overdue so...



A few of the most observant of you may have noticed the absence of the Malden subsection on the forums.

Over the past month Wilco has spent untold hours of his free time working to bring our mission to Malden on top of the day to day maintenance, fixes to issues that have cropped up and multiple large map updates.

I can however confirm that Malden is not a project that will be released by us here for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday a discussion regarding Malden was called and a few important points were brought up;

The audience for Malden. There’s a decent number of people who were looking forward to our Malden server, however part of the success of Altislife is it’s availability and large “roaming” population who are looking for a server to settle in. This is not the case among the Malden servers.

Malden servers are struggling across the board, they are not attracting the numbers we would expect while Altis continues to remain strong. We will be continuing to focus on Altis.

Laws of War

Which nicely brings us up to the next exciting update following the release of the next DLC; Laws of War.



Laws of War DLC is going to be released this Thursday (07/09/17) and we will be working to release our take on it that very same day!

We can confirm that as many of the new additions as possible will be available for everyone to use and enjoy. Looking at some of the vehicles and clothing i’m sure we can all agree the roleplay potential is high. Look to enjoy additions across the board!


Big Fixes

Finally, an issue that has been with us for far too long is approaching it’s end. Bohemia Interactive have acknowledged an issue and are working on pushing a fix to the “mass kicks” issue.


Once again I’d like to thank you all for your patience while enduring these issues. As soon as a fix is available. We will make it available to you.


That’s it for now. If there are any serious issues, please do not hesitate to contact me.




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