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Age of Conquest IV - RPUK Wars

Mr Cardoso

Awesome Portuguese Guy!
Hello everyone!

Everyone doing alright? Hope so :)!

I've been trying this free to play game (available in both Steam and Android/iOS) and everyday i think how much fun it can be if we play limited to community only games.

Brief introduction, this game is like RISK, you move troops between tiles and it's turn based, where you pick a country and try to achieve overall domination of the map, the only problem is that everyone else has the same goal! Alliances can be done, wars will happen often... but loads of fun! Even more if you bring friend to play as allies in your conquest for RPUK Wars Champion.

It's not very complicated and even if the tutorial doesn't offer much help, i can gladly answer with any info i gathered so far. The good part about this game is you can set up several different times for each turn. Turns go from 1m all the way to 24h+ so i would assume a game with 8H+/24h+ Turns would be perfect because it would last and allows people to play at any timezone.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/314970/Age_of_Conquest_IV/

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ageofconquest.app.user.aoc

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/pt/app/age-of-conquest-iv/id1071514528?mt=8

Europe Map


Fantasy map:


There's a lot more maps custom made and you can even create a new one, hell you can do the Altis island if you wish!

I'm trying to gather some info on who would like to join, and what times they would play so i can setup a game for us. I created this group below to schedule official RPUK games, and let other members do so between them.

Hope to see you on the battlefield,

Mr Cardoso

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Game created! Random countries the first game to see how it goes!

Server name: RPUK Wars @ Roleplay.co.uk


Password: Ask me in PM.

I'll update here if and when we have enough people. I would say 5 is a good amount to start, people can join afterwards.