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[Giveaway] Anyone wants a Fallout 76 Beta code?

Mr Cardoso

Awesome Portuguese Guy!

Just send me a proof you are a fallout fan or a reason why you want it!

Next beta dates are:

Tuesday (06 November): 18h-20h GMT

Thursday (08 November): 18h-01h GMT

These are the last beta dates before the release at 14 November.

I'll give the code randomly if no good answer pops out.. i have an extra invite besides this one i might give away if no friend wants it.

I'll pick a winner tomorrow if there is any interested people.

Why is the White glove society known as the White glove society? 

Because they ran out of hats.

I mean I've loved fallout ever since it came around, I can spend days on end on that game and not get bored! getting one of the keys would be amazing! 😄 Please consider me for the key ❤️ 

One more joke: 

You know your breath is bad when Swampfolk is offers you mouth wash. 

Growing up I always loved music from the 40's-50's. I'd listen to that kind of music every trip I went on with my parents, or grandparents. When I was around 6 my dad showed me Fallout and Fallout 2, I played with it a bit at the time but never understood how to play, sure as hell liked watching him play.  After I got a bit older, around the age of 12, my dad got Fallout 3 and NV, I started playing NV right away and fell in love with the music, the atmosphere, the characters, everything. I then played Fallout 3 which made me fall in love ever more as I loved everything about it. E3 2015 Came around and I was shocked, I was so excited about Fallout 4. It came out and I loved it. I do pledge my love to Fallout NV though because it's the one where I can be a god damn cowboy. 

Also I'm excited for Fallout 76 because I can Sing country roads and I want to sing it often..

Just a reminder, this is for the beta only, i doubt it's for the full game. I bought it so they gave me a few friend invite codes! 

They are all good replies, i feel bad choosing one! So i will randomize someone as a winner tomorrow, good luck to all 😄

**EDIT** Staff members will have their own roll as a small token of gratitude (with the extra key i had) so everyone has more chances now!.  @Roberts@NotMattch @CST Meeloo

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I will randomize 2 winners in an hour or two:

- 1st roll is between all the non-staff that replied to the post;

- 2nd roll is staff only;

Good luck! Next beta phase is today from 6pm-8pm and Thursday between 6pm-1am.

I wonder, since there's more staff than non-staff entries... so far the non-staff have 50% chance until more people join haha

I'm going to do the roll now, i just got back from lunch and was watching a bit of youtube. Give me 5 minutes!

Rolls are in, i used this website (https://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/)

Non-staff roll: Gratz @CI Gordon Ramsay


Staff roll (sorry the odds were against you here.. i thought more people would apply besides staff!): Gratz @CST Meeloo


If i get more invites in the future, i will do this again so keep an eye on the forums!

Send me a PM on the forums / discord for your code!

Include the staff in both rolls 😉
Oh god.. i just saw this! I thought about it but didn't suggest it because i thought... i regreat it now. I would roll again but i don't think the winners would like that.. @CST Meeloo @CI Gordon Ramsay what you think?

I'll just close this giveaway, i feel a bit bed for not including everyone in both rolls but i can't take it back. At least you had a chance 🙂

Send me a PM for the codes either through the forums or discord.

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