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Bobby Stanley

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The Great British Isles

Server: GTA RP
Character Name: Bobby Stanley
Steam ID: 76561198405160763
Date: Jul 9, 2024
Time: 21:00
Provide a one sentence summary of the bug: SCRIPTING ISSUE
Provide a full description of the bug: I clocked onto the job, went to rent a vehicle and boom It purchased I think this is a script issue as it didn't come up with the other options just simply buy the vehicle.
Link(s) To Any Screenshots/Footage Of The Bug: https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/ieFUC77soGOePrVJG/d1337p1o9mni?invite=cr-MSxkNmksNzgxMDQxNTMs
Who knew, clicking "purchase a vehicle" does in fact purchase a vehicle.
I'm fairly sure it automatically re-opens the menu when it clocks you on which as you can see at the bottom left it does at the same time you clicked the eye, so therefore you would've instantly clicked the option to purchase a vehicle when you went to click the eye then ofc you also clicked the button to purchase the actual car afterwards