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  • I'm glad you all could finally see what I was speaking about in this post: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/profile/70867-1a3/?status=48270&type=status

    Item metadata gives us the potential to do way more cool stuff that we haven't been able to do until today such as the improved ID cards which I included alongside the inventory!

    Yes, there was some fairly large issues originally however it seems to be fairly stable now. For those interested in the ammo issues here's what happened:

    1. I realised around 7pm (since I was busy fixing many other bugs before then) that the new inventory didn't support one of the ammo format previously used by some of the inventories (there was three ammo formats used between all the inventories originally for some reason) - this was originally why ammo wasn't working in vehicles and some other inventories.

    2. I then implemented a fix but accidentally made a mistake which caused some inventories to error - most notably the shop script.

    3. Around 7:45pm I created another fix which had no errors however had an IF statement in the wrong place which then caused ammo to not load in any inventories.

    4. After the server came back online I was made aware that ammo wasn't working on any inventories - in which we tried doing a hotfix. However, since my inventory cleanup moved all inventories into one file it meant we'd have to restart all scripts that have an inventory for the change to sync across, so instead Recon took the executive decision to do an emergency restart. The End.

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    Can't wait for the crim update to be finished so we can show you the amazing work we (Archie, Paint, George, Me & others) have done!

    What I merged into the crim update today will give us the potential to do insanely cool things which you have never seen possible here on RPUK! However, you'll have to wait to find out what "it" is... 🤐


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