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Police officers involved in the digger situation


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Sorry I don't know your names (only got session ID's of two of you - 893 & 701 but there was more), top roleplay from start to finish. 

ADHD riddled old me hadn't taken his meds for a while and was left in charge of a digger, which resulted in a speedy police chase of 11mph (sorry to the officer I flipped!). Brilliant teamwork bringing out the armoured vehicle to bring the carnage to an end, furthered by more excellent roleplay allowing my "carer" to come into the cells to calm me down through my attempt to headbutt through the wall. 

Really enjoyed it, thank you for the interaction!


Was quite the interesting situation to attend to for sure, a little SS of the night in mention. Look forward to seeing you around some time again.

For context I was the arresting officer and the one who searched you on the side of the road.