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Unban Appeal - wang-lin - GTA RP

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Server: GTA RP
Character Name: bobby Slippers
Steam ID: 76561198070986494
Ban ID (just the numbers): 765611980709864994
Ban Reason: G2.9
Why do you think you were banned: because i was stupid and moved money from one account to another
Why should we unban you: was stupid of me and i wish i didn't do it and i have learnt from my mistakes by not being able to play on rpuk has been shit and i put alot of time playing this server and made alot of friends here too and if i get unband i will delete all my characters and make sure i record me doing so and send it to a staff or admin to prove i have
Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
Well it appeared you were aware of the rule and understood it.

Do you wanna tell me why you firstly transferred £1 before the large amount?

Seems like you wanted to test the system.
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