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Yu Wong

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Hello fellow Roleplayers.


This year has been shit, for everyone around the world, however it's been nice that we've been able to share some memories online.

I've had my fair share of experiences, and have probably at some point, offended or annoyed most of you.


To celebrate the end of this year, I'd like to offer some (hopefully) nice treats, to those who we as a community think deserve it.

Up for grabs:

3 Copies of GTA V (Premium Online Edition)

3 Copies of ARMA 3

(and a range of Premium Random Steam Keys, given throughout the stream)



The Roleplayers Roleplayer

Who puts 110% into their stories, and gives a great roleplay experience, all the time? They may not always win, however will always give their effort in RP.

Commitment King / Queen

Who no-lifes the servers? The person you see when you log on, and is still there when you log off?

Dev of the Year

They do a lot more than we probably give them recognition for, which one sticks out in your mind?

Staff Member of the Year

We all love to hate these people, however they keep us in line, and ultimately fix the issues when that knobhead logs in to ruin our day. Which one is worth of your vote?

The Funny One

Whether it's comments and shitposts on the forums, natter on Teamspeak or conversations in-game, Who is the funniest person within our community?

The Nice Person Award

Who is the person you can't ever be annoyed at, is the de-escalator, the kind guy of the group, the one you feel bad about after you kill them?



Voting Closes MID-DAY (12pm, Lunch, UK Time) on SATURDAY 26th (Boxing Day) 



Results will be revealed LIVE, if @Vladic Kacan get online! Otherwise I'll just stream.

If you can't make it, we will post the results on the Forums too.



3 Copies of ARMA 3 and 3 Copies of GTA V, and random steam keys throughout stream.

Prizes will be gifted to your steam account, we will contact all winners via the forums.

Prizes will be on a first come, first server basis, going down the list.

If you already own the games, you are able to do the following:

  • 1. Gift your gift
  • 2. Throw your gift to the crowd (a random member on stream)
  • 3. Alternatively, have 30 days donator. (I'll pay for it, for you)
  • 4. Have the equivalent (circa £10) donated to a charity of your choice.




You are able to vote for one person, per category, however you do not need to vote within each category if you do not wish to.

Please feel free to comment your votes, or if you'd like them to be anonymouse! Message me on the forums!


The Roleplayers Roleplayer - NAME


Commitment King / Queen - NAME


Dev of the Year - NAME


Staff Member of the Year - NAME


The Funny One - NAME


The Nice Person Award - NAME


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Thought "Code" was "Embed". Big RIP
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Just now, Nikolai said:

Why: because i'm me 🙂
jk i'll probably think of somebody




Votes will be considered by 1. Number of Nominations (we have a big community, so if there is a clear winner, that'd probably be the choice) and 2. The reasons, I'm sure a lot of people have a lot of good reasons for nominating, not everyone runs around the community screaming how great they are, so it'll be nice making some good people feel uncomfortable for being recognised!

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - Jesse Orion

Why - He is up for any type of situation and always a good laugh. He was even willing to sacrifice his balls to train an associate. That is some dedication!

Commitment King / Queen - Kieron Orion

Why - Seriously, where do you find the time?

Dev of the Year - Sciencefreak

Why - Even with all the complaining you still keep going!

Staff Member of the Year - Gordon

Why - For doing your best to bring back events

The Funny One - Wilco

Why - Still the most entertaining person in the unban appeals is Wilco. This one is still gold:

The Nice Person Award - Gremlin

Why - Can anyone ever get angry at that dude? Impossible!

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DEV of the year - @ACC LastNickLeft

Reason - Just look at change logs


Staff member of the year - @KeirT

Reason - Just a living meme


Real Staff member of the year - @Bowen Orion

Reason - Just a chill guy who handles tough situation in a calm manner.. also scares the shit out of me 


The Nice Person Award - @Marty Atlas

Why - Living legend, happiest person you could get


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Staff Level 2 NHS Paramedic Police Sergeant

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Commitment King / Queen - @CMO Phoenix

Why - Consistently logs onto the servers at regular points throughout the week and always provides streams for good causes & great RP

Dev of the Year - @Stealthee

Why - Started from scratch our GTA RP community, would not have been possible to get to where we are without his dedication this year

Staff Member of the Year - @Aiden

Why - Stepped up into the Management role he wasn't expecting, really filled a big gap and juggled lots of roles at the same time

The Funny One - @Teddy Winkle

Why - Never fails to lighten the mood in any situation, most notably bringing some comic relief to the middle of our GTA court case

The Nice Person Award - @ConnorTheGreatt

Why - Connor never fails to make people smile and always has a positive outlook and attitude towards everyone ingame and out

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Dev of the Year

@ACC LastNickLeft

Why - It's not hard to see why it shouldn't be Nick.
He has been adding so many new things to the map and taking care of lots of suggestions that have been put up ever since he got the job.

I'm very impressed with your work so far 😄 
Keep up the good work!


Staff Member of the Year

@Bowen Orion

Because he is always AFK when you need him 🙂

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @Kennedy

Why - because he is mayte

Commitment King / Queen - @Ji the Pillager

Why - commited to the same kebab shop for 10 years

Dev of the Year - @khalifattyyy

Why - he developed love

Staff Member of the Year - @YoCo

Why - he is a very reasonable man 10/10

The Funny One - me ofc

Why - just is

The Nice Person Award - @Boab

Why - he is very welcoming

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @Gremlin

Why - Best RP'er on the server in my opinion, Never takes things too serious and always makes the game fun

Commitment King / Queen - @Coco

Why - No matter how many times he's banned/warned, he's always back ❤️

Dev of the Year - @ACC LastNickLeft

Why - It might not be fair because he's been around the shortest, but he made the pleb uniform so it goes without saying

Staff Member of the Year - @Robbie

Why - always see him replying to reports, shows a keen interest in the community and is very actve.

The Funny One - @Kennedy

Why - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZlzndt0GxU&t=11s

The Nice Person Award - @Boab

Why - is nothing but polite and respectful in private channels and helps the plebs out massively with his input.

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11 minutes ago, YoCo said:

The Nice Person Award - @Robbie

Why - Supports such a shit team which must be the cause of serious frustation, but never lets his frustations get the best of him.

They aren't that bad, healthy mid table position.


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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @Drew

Why - For me hands down one of the best roleplayers we have ever had on the server. Always brings out the best out of people with his roleplay interactions  

Commitment King / Queen - @DCC SI GREENHALGH

Why - The amount of times I have gone to sleep and woken up and this guy is still active on teamspeak doing police apps etc.

Dev of the Year - N/A

Why - Don't think it's fair to name just one, there have been so many parties involved with the development this year.

Staff Member of the Year - N/A

Why - As part of the team, I don't think it's fair to name just one. I think everybody in the staff team has done a great job this year. Apart from @Bowen Orionas he can't even build a shed.

The Funny One - @JohnKiff

Why - Roleplay's as my dad -_- 

The Nice Person Award - N/A

Why - To many people.

- Not so funny one - @Aiden
Thinking he is funny bringing up Wolverhampton Wanderers to me all the while. Can't wait for Liverpool to knock off again so you stop talking about football again.

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @Xeulifer

Why - Has fixed the wires at the banks a lot, best electrician on Altis

Commitment King / Queen - @Jamie

Why - Has been running AR for longer than I can remember, great job!

Dev of the Year - @Finbar

Why - Good AnD

Staff Member of the Year - @Coco

Why - Stepped up as community manager when we needed him, and bears a striking resemblance to batman.

The Funny One - @Nuclear

Why - Invited Simon ross to Lobos

The Nice Person Award - @Ji the Pillager

Why - Helped a young man find a barn.


Honorary mentions:


For being the best trainer we have.

@Spartan Horde

For playing rebel too soon.


For really enjoying our use of MRAPS


For helping Nick get over his fear of The Plebs

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @YoCo

Why - best man on the island always has a laugh with you in and out of game

Commitment King / Queen - @Bowen Orion

Why - always has the time to do shit and just kills Poseidon all the time 

Dev of the Year - @ACC LastNickLeft

Why - done alot of work for the server

Staff Member of the Year -  @Gremlin

Why - Nice man all the time

The Funny One - @Jesse Orion

Why - thinks he can tell me what to do 

The Nice Person Award -  @GREENY

Why - He is always having fun no matter what also has the time to talk


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I reckon if we give "Dev of the year" to @Hawaii. Idk what u guys think of but this person has helped alot to the community and is mostly active and try to get a solution for the one in need of it. Just my opinion, i know other devs also do the hard work and maybe i might be wrong, but for me its a 100% Hawaii

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The Roleplayers Roleplayer - @YoCo

Why - Guys a RP head

Commitment King / Queen - @Eemil

Why - Committed to getting himself banned

Dev of the Year - @Antollyme

Why - Fat dev nerd

Staff Member of the Year - @Robbie

Why - Just give him lead ffs

The Funny One - @SALV

Why - Old crabbit cunt, can't even cheat properly

The Nice Person Award - @L12Mason

Why - Showed me the GTA ropes, still needs to grow up though

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Left ma gran in the bath mate

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