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Event Announcements will be done by Event Team members via responses to this post.

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CMO Norman


The Voice 2017

We're back for another year!

On Friday 30th June 2017 I will be hosting The Voice 2017 on our teamspeak server, based around the concepts of the real 'The Voice'. The competition will of course have a price. The price is kindly being donated by our staff team and is £5,000,000 for the winner, alongside a performance at Kavala Nightclub with the smoke and flashing lights! (Courtesy of the events team)

How does the voice work? The Voice is a singing competition where people are judged on their voice not their appearance, now obviously on teamspeak you can't see their appearance... The way it will work is that to represent the judges 'smashing' the button to turn their chairs around (as seen in the voice) the judges will turn on teamspeak's Channel Commander if they want this person to be on their 'team'. The whole auditions stage will be public for people to come and watch from 17:00-19:00.

At the end of the performance the singer can then pick which of the judges he/her wants to go with (out of the ones who turned on their light). After we have done the auditions and the judges all have a 'team' we will move onto the finals at 20:00 where the judges get to pick their two favorites from their team to sing in the final, the finals are sang in a public 'arena' channel where everyone has talk power, the singer must pick a different song to sing to the public than their audition, the public then vote on a strawpoll.

After 2 minutes of voting time the results 'are in' and we announce the winner who then receives the money.



You may be asking.. who are the judges? Well we have:

Team @Gregory

Team @Robbie

Team @CI Wolfy

Team TBC


How to enter

To enter you don't need to do anything official, it is a turn up and sing!

So in the Community Event Rooms on teamspeak. So to enter head to the waiting room between 5-7 where there should be a staff member who will ask you if you are participating and if you are give you a number add your name to the google docs, you will then change your name to your number e.g 01 Norman and be moved to the waiting room.



Auditions will start at 17:00 and we aim to finish auditions by 19:00

The Finals will start at 20:00 and we aim to finish auditions by 21:00

There will be no in game event. Although during the finals we may be able to do it at Kavala nightclub



I hope you are interested in entering to win this fantastic price hop on down to the teamspeak on Friday 30th June 2017 even if you aren't the best singer have a go! You can pick any song you want! Songs can either be sung without music (preferred) or a backing track if available!


Any suggestions or questions let me know!

Previous year


* In-game performance might not go ahead, depending on staff approval at the time*

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