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    GTA RP Rules

    Created 20/02/2020 - Last Updated 20/02/2020

    In addition, the Community Rules apply

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  • general_rules.png


    (G1.1) Random Vehicle Death Match (RVDM) - Using your vehicle as a weapon (Running players over, causing explosions, ramming player vehicles) without a valid roleplay reason is considered RVDM.


    (G1.2) Random Death Match (RDM) - Attacking another player without engaging in any form of quality roleplay is considered RDM. (eg. Giving enough time for them to comply with your order. “Put your hands up or I will shoot” and countdowns are not considered quality roleplay, please at least attempt to create an interesting roleplay story before considering violence.) - Mass RDM is a permanent ban.


    (G1.3) Baiting - Taking deliberate actions to create a scenario where you get chased or engaged with, especially to cause a firefight. Examples: Robbing a service station with the intent of a gunfight, deliberately committing crimes in front of the police, swearing at a group of gang members.


    (G1.4) Spam - Do not spam the OOC chat or Tweedle.


    (G1.5) Powergaming - Forcing a scenario where no matter the roleplay of the other party you will win. Example: Roleplaying superpowers, roleplaying fatal injuries when they were only minor to avoid roleplaying with the emergency services, sealing buildings with cars to prevent entrance of other players, using knowledge of the rules within roleplay..


    (G1.6) Being In Character - What happens in Roleplay needs to stay within Roleplay. Do not bring in character issues outside of the game, likewise do not bring your real life issues with other players into the game. You ARE NOT your character and they ARE NOT you.


    (G1.7) Community leaders - Players who are business owners, organisation leaders or high ranking police officers/NHS personnel. These players should be a leading source of quality story lines and consistently strong roleplayers. Thus will be held to a higher standard under our rules and guidelines. If you wish to become a community leader, you should consistently create roleplay scenarios of a high standard for yourself and others.


    (G1.8) Fail Driving - Unrealistic driving is not permitted. Unrealistic driving is defined as performing unrealistic stunt jumps, driving off the side of cliffs/highways and driving on like nothing happened, and driving at extremely excessive speeds while in urban areas. During police chases excessive speed is permitted. If you experience an accident then you are expected to roleplay out the accident, both from your health perspective and the damage to your vehicle.


  • roleplay_rules.png


    (G2.1) Microphone - Microphones are required on RPUK servers.


    (G2.2) Language - All players are required to be able to speak English, and should do so while communicating with players outside of their group. Roleplaying as a speaker of another language is allowed, however please consider that when speaking to other players they may only understand English.)


    (G2.3) Roleplay Everything - You must remain in character at all times, unless a uniformed Admin authorises you to speak out of character.


    (G2.4) Value of Life - At all times you are to value your life, if you are clearly outnumbered or at an obvious disadvantage you should comply with demands.


    (G2.6) OOC Help - OOC chat is for help only, extended OOC interactions are forbidden


    (G2.7) OOC Roleplay - You must not use OOC chat to broadcast events that you observe (for example, you may not broadcast "X are going to rob the bank".


    (G2.8) When your communication devices have been taken from you by another player, you must not use external methods or your phone to communicate with anyone else. Only ingame VOIP is to be used in this case.


    (G2.9) Transferring money or items between your own characters is not allowed by any method.


    (G2.10) If you are inactive for more than a month at a time we may automatically delete your ownership of buildings.


  • metagaming_rules.png


    (G3.1) OOC Information - Using out of character information to influence the course of roleplay is considered metagaming and punishable by a ban. This includes but is not limited to: Twitch Streams, forum information and Steam messages.

    (G3.2) Name Tags / Collar Numbers - You are not allowed to identify players in game via name tags or session ID. Police or NHS ranks and collar numbers are fine, as they “wear clothing with the rank on '' unless they are undercover. (Not in their uniform or masked.)

    (G3.3) Hot Mic - While external communications are discouraged, if used, you must hot-mic all communications that have been made over any external methods or phone conversation when they are relevant to influencing the course of roleplay. This means that if you are communicating to fellow team members via any external methods or phone conversation and you are in audio proximity range of another player (they can hear you or your hands are up), you must hot mic any commands given so the rival player can overhear.

    (G3.4) OOC Tweets - Use of the Twitter app is considered in-character information and as such no OOC information, or information which breaches NLR should be tweeted.

    (G3.5) Character Separation - Using information you have gained through the play of other characters to influence the course of roleplay, either directly or passing this information to a 3rd party to tell your character. Example: Character A is a cop that knows a raid is about to happen on a gang, Character B (same player) is a member of a rival gang. Character B does not know about the raid, Character A is unable to tell someone else to tell Character B about the raid. Character A may not use Character B's vehicles or assets.

  • new_life_rules.png


    A new life means that your character has lost all previous memories. It still is the character you play, example: You are still a part of the rebels or cops and you still know all your friends.

    Your character forgets the events and information leading up to their death. The only exception to this is your wanted level.

    Wanted/Bounty prices are persistent over deaths to enable long winded police chases and bounty hunter chases and without this we wouldn’t have police and bounty hunters tracking down the person with them being on the run for weeks/days. 

    Example: Matt, John and Ben are rebels who try to rob the bank. During a shootout with the cops, Matt and Ben die, John gets arrested and spends some time in jail. When they all meet again, they all would roleplay the situation in a way that they all tried to get away, because they realized that they couldn't handle the situation. Matt and Ben got away, though John got caught. If the players want to have the deaths involved, they might tell stories of other rebels that died there, who were with them initially.

    (G4.1) A new life starts, when:

    Your character has been killed by a player. 
    Your character has died in a RP situation. 
    Your character has dies as a result of an accident. 

    (G4.2) A new life does not start when: 

    Your character has been the victim of a clearcut case of RVDM 
    Your character has been the victim of a clearcut case of RDM 
    You are downed
    You disconnect (end of session) 

    (G4.3) When you respawn: 

    Your character does not remember any previous roleplay situations. 
    Your character does not remember where any of its vehicles outside the garage are 
    Your character does not remember any previous enemies (your killer/robber etc) 
    Your character cannot return to the location of death or be involved in the same situation until the 15 minute NLR timer has expired. 
    Your character does remember their friends & gang members.

    (G4.4) When you are revived/downed:

    You may not actively enter or continue any combat situation for the next 10 minutes.
    Your character retains all knowledge of the time before they are downed.
    Whilst downed you may not gather any new information to use once revived.
    While you are downed you may not divulge tactical information to anyone.
    Please be mindful that you are heavily injured and should act accordingly, you were downed and have lost the fight, you will not recover instantly.
    You are in medical custody until an NHS Medic releases you.


  • character_rules.png


    (G5.1) Character Names - Please use a valid first name, last name combo. Do not use names of well known characters, celebrities, political figures, criminals, terrorists etc…

    (G5.2) Believable Character Roles - If you wish to roleplay as a lawyer, it may not be realistic that you will repair your car at the roadside, or shoot and kill a man for scratching your vehicle. Pick a style that suits your character's backstory and role and stick to it. You have multiple character slots for a reason!

    (G5.3) Character Death - Your character can permanently die (be deleted) as a result of an RP scenario provided you and the other parties involved agree to it. Such a request would need to be directed to staff, thereafter the staff team may or may not comply with this request, depending on the situation.

    (G5.4) Mass Murder - If you decide to make a character that goes on a spree of killing players and NPC’s, players should be aware that once caught these types of character will be given the maximum punishments available and staff members may ask you to switch characters. (Perma-Death) Repeatedly creating characters with this same play-style may result in a ban.

    (G5.5) Group Names - Business, gang and group names must be realistic. Unrealistic or legally-problematic names such as (but not limited to) 'gang gang', 'Gucci gang', etc.. will be deleted without notice.

    (G5.6) Wanted Level - Criminals should be aware that committing a string of crimes will generate more attention of the police and therefore higher fines and prison times. For the most serious of offenders police can permanently imprison a character with staff team approval. Repeated, 'ganking' or 'griefing' of very low-level newcomers to the server by high-level, rich or powerful criminal characters, thus rendering them disproportionately badly-affected at the start of their character's life will similarly be regarded as highly antisocial RP, and is likely to increase the chance of a lifetime in prison for such repeat OP offenders. Staff team will decide, in these instances.

    (G5.7) Character Growth - Your character should have long term growth. Your character should not join our server on creation and instantly be a millionaire crime lord. All characters should grow into their roles – initially starting off with few resources and knowledge of the city.

  • zone_rules.png


    (G6) Emergency Buildings - Loitering around emergency buildings (Police Stations, Fire Stations and Hospitals) without a valid roleplay story is not allowed.

  • citizen_gang_rules.png


    (G7.1) Hostages -Taking hostages must be roleplayed to a very high quality. Aim to make the scenario enjoyable for everyone. 

    (G7.2) Fake hostages - Willing participants must not be used as hostages (e.g. your character's group/gang members, friends).

    (G7.3) Executions - Executing another player must be realistic and be carried out with high quality roleplay. Example: To cut someone's throat you must have a bladed weapon

    (G7.4) Using the in game phone to warn police You are unable to use the ingame phone to warn the police for example "“Any cops seen within ‘x’km will be shot on site”

    (G7.5) Police Sirens - When the Police put on their sirens lights to pull you over to attend a scene this does not mean RP has been initiated on their point, if you shoot without engaging in RP then this is classed as RDM.

    (G7.6) Spike strips - Use of spike strips doesn't constitute any form of roleplay. Failure to engage in quality roleplay is classed as RDM.

    (G7.7) You may only have one character in a gang or legal profession at any one time. If you have multiple characters in contrasting sides of a story you must choose only one to progress that story with 

  • police_rules.png

  • (G8.1) [Removed]


    (G8.2) Police may not sell their equipment, or willingly give their equipment away. If there is a strong roleplay cause, exchanges can be made. 

    (G8.3) You must not abuse your role as a cop to help out your friends. (For example: Removing charges of your gang members without sufficient roleplay reason)

    (G8.4) [Removed] 

    (G8.5) [Removed]

    (G8.6) If the police station is attacked, the 15 minute NLR will not apply to the Police, attacking the police station is a foolish move and at your own risk.

  • nhs_fire_rules.png


    (G9.1) [Removed]

    (G9.2) Medics and firefighters may not sell their equipment, or willingly give their equipment away.

    (G9.3) Medics and firefighters are not allowed to follow gangs, Police or the Lost MC around. Please patrol the full county of San Andreas or whatever hospital area you have been assigned to.

    (G9.4) Medics and firefighters can be killed with strong roleplay justification (They refuse to cooperate when they are threatened), but you may not take them hostage

    (G9.5) You must not abuse your role as a medic or firefighter to assist your friends in any way.

    (G9.6) [Removed] 

    (G9.7) Combat Reviving - If combat is in effect the area is not safe to enter for rescuing the injured. Therefore, you cannot revive at this time.

    (G9.8) Emergency Vehicles - It is forbidden to take NHS/Fire vehicles without consent.

  • lost_mc_rules.png

  • (G10.1) [Removed]


    (G10.2) The Lost MC may form alliances with other gangs or individuals only on a temporary basis. Non-aggression pacts are allowed.

    (G10.3) [Removed]

    (G10.4) [Removed]

    (G10.5) [Removed]

    (G10.6) If the Lost MC clubhouse is attacked the 15 minute NLR timer will not apply to the Lost MC.

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