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Dayz 0.63

Henry Atlas

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Golf clap Bohemia golf clap.Just spent an hour on the new 0.63 stress test servers and omg...It is fantastic,I managed to run into a friendly dude as well so was good to have someone to run about with.

If you thought that this game was dead and buried (pardon the pun) then how wrong you are I for one cannot wait for this patch to drop. Rpuk Dayz anyone? huh huh huh 

ah you had my hopes up i thought the update was out

any idea when the 0.63 coming out live, i know that you can play it on stress test ?

Its out in 6 weeks half way through july in time for all the schools breaking up. 

^ Big fat +1 for this, search "roleplay" for server name and it should come up!

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Man, no matter how many times y'all try to stop it, this thing is happening... as soon as beta is out (provided they don't mess it up). We have a server now, why not try to have a good time!

Damn I can´t wait for the update to hit stable... Dayz has always been in my heart.

See you in cherno boys 


If there is an RPUK server, what is it called so i can log onto it and start playing this again?

Does anyone actually play on the server?

I'm yet to come across someone and I'm at NWAF