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Twitch Link: sweetpanda36 - Twitch

Stream Schedule: Not a scheduled streamer however at the mo. i stream quite frequently

Games Streamed: GTA5

Link to a previous stream: RPUK: S.Paramedic(S&R) Rachel Johnson plays GTA while raising funds for MARIE CURIE - Twitch

Why do you want to join the team: I have been in RPUK for over a year now and enjoy roleplaying as a cop and medic. I think with my streaming and being part of a team will help show possible new people how gr8 the server is and how easy it is to give some good rp . Also i also want to show my support and appreciation to all the staff with using the RPUK logo on my streams.

What is unique about your stream: Im a very chatty individual(sometimes too chatty lol). At the moment i am raising funds for different charities while playing GTA5. My rp is very different and i always enjoy a good Cop hostage situation. Thus far ive had 2 live hostage scenarios on stream but i know there is more to come...

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Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/misssyko

Stream Schedule: Every Tuesday - Friday from 6pm, sometimes may vary as I am a student and have to do placement shifts for my course

Games Streamed: Will mainly be GTA RP when I get back to streaming, but will also be other games such as COD, Fortnite and anything else that would entertain me and viewers

Link to a previous stream: Unfortunately I don't have any VODs available to link as I have taken a long break from streaming due to upgrading from console to pc, but the pc couldn't handle streaming. I have recently got a new pc so I am looking to get back into streaming asap.

Why do you want to join the team: Having been a part of the RPUK community for several months now, and knowing a few people who stream I have been fortunate to not only be able to become their friends in game and ooc, I have also been able to become part of their stream community. I have seen first hand how the community of RPUK support their own and how much they encourage them in their streaming careers.

What is unique about your stream: I'm honestly unsure as to how to answer this question as I don't know how to word my answer. As far as my streams go, and my community, I like it to be a place that welcomes everyone. My streams are 18+ because I do swear like a sailor a lot of the time but my streams are also very real. I may play a character in game, but my streams are 100% authentically me. I have unmedicated ADHD so the tangents that can be taken with stream can be wild. I like to laugh and I'm very dopey (I'm a natural blonde). I just want to entertain and be me, without judgement, and I feel as though the community I have already had the pleasure to start building allow that 100%.

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Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/shadowstrikegamez

Stream Schedule: I currently have no schedule as yet but will be put in place when I have more free time.

Games Streamed: FiveM (RPUK), Euro truck simulator 2 and ready or not

Link to a previous stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1788373449

Why do you want to join the team: I have been part of this community for the best part of a year and a half now and enjoy all experiences since playing on the server and would like to share my POV with twitch and get people wanting to join this amazing community of people. but also want to show of the NHS a lot more and what medical RP we provide to the server.

What is unique about your stream: What makes my stream unique is myself playing as a medic as I know there's only a few of us that stream the whole medic side on the server and would like to provide medical RP to those who watch my streams and to educate those who want to join NHS and give them a taste of what we do on a daily basis. I also tend to play other games besides RPUK and would like to play other games and show them when I'm not playing on RPUK.

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| LSFS Crew Manager- Jamie LoveridgeHospital Care Unit Lead | NHS Consultant - Jamie Loveridge |

                                                               | Gruppe 6 Officer - David Loveridge |


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Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/pestuk

Stream Schedule: i'll stream any day between 12:00 to 22:00 only day i wont really stream late would be Wednesday's as i do football training every Wednesday night

Games Streamed: GTAV, Overwatch, CSGO, Assetto Corsa,  a variety of horror games.

Link to a previous stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1869035363

Why do you want to join the team: i've been in the server for a very long time and i have so many great memories here, making a tone of friends on the way i want to be able to share all my wonderful experiences with the community and others who may not know about the server, and get them interested in joining the server and building the community even bigger and better then it already is, Streaming on RPUK is probably the most fun i have while streaming as it brings a small community of people together to enjoy silly moments from myself and others around me in RP.

What is unique about your stream: I will always try my best to make the Roleplay just that bit more interesting and try my best to include everyone, i'm always looking for a way to make whoever i'm around in the server laugh and just try and get the best out of them, i play multiple characters in the server so every stream will be unique, one day i could be Guarding the prison next day sending people to prison! Then maybe the day after that i'll even be a half wit names Tomi running around bringing chaos to the streets of Los Santos!

👮 PC Jacob Campbell 👮|🧸Tomi J Tomer🧸|🔫Mickey Shadows🔫|🐸Kermit Johnson🐸

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Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/kayleeh96

Stream Schedule: Monday to Thursday, 18:00pm - 21:30 / 22:00pm 

Friday, 14:00PM - 00:00AM

Saturday, 14:00PM - 02:00AM 

Sunday, 14:00PM - 21:00PM  


Link to a previous stream: Kayleeh96 |RPUK | !Discord !Tiktok !love !subscribe !follow - Twitch

Why do you want to join the team: I would like to join the team because i have noticed quite a lot of interaction within my stream from playing your server. Also, It is a good way to show new people that are just experiencing it for the first time. 

What is unique about your stream: I share my whole story on my stream, from waking up to going to sleep, my viewers don’t miss anything that happens the whole day, especially that I only play as one character, my stream isn’t ever changing story’s or different types of characters, it’s a full blown play through of one person, this means the viewers can follow along and not expect anything out the ordinary when tuning in to my Live.

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Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/sinczzz

Stream Schedule: I stream quite often but I haven't locked down a schedule as of yet.

Games Streamed: GTA IV (roleplay Uk)

Link to a previous stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2038857636

Why do you want to join the team: From my experience I have not seen anyone stream the life of a solicitor within the city. And I feel like my character is something special as he has a good reputation and I feel people don't see a lot of the crazy exchanges that happen in his world. People seem to gravitate to my character for either good or bad reasons but he is always able to talk his way out of any situation and bring some sort of resolve.

What is unique about your stream: I believe that my character Sinclair the solicitor is something special in the city and is unique in his approach to how he deals with things. He walks the thin line between being an upstanding citizen and knowing the dirty underbelly of Los Santos. The characters that Don comes across have allowed him to be privy to many unique roleplay scenarios and I would love to share that with the wider community.

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