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Ballas VS Police

It has been one hell of a week trying to keep safe with the war that has been happening with the Ballas and the Police. I don't know why this all started but I know it really kick off when they put out a warrant on Liam Smith AKA Mr Caramel, Mr Just Built Differently, Lame Brian like he is know on the streets. He finally got caught and out of now where people rallied around this and stormed the prison to get him out and i think the leader of the Ballas Darnel I think his name is. The Police did not car even if it was a mother and kids coming to see papa for a prison visit they shot them in cold blood. I was shot down in the Weazel News helicopter and another one of our reporters was shot in the car park. Two other Weazel News reporters got inside of the prison Mr Teddy and Mr Leche and i got to meet up with them when getting looked after been shot and blown out of the skys.  after getting some information on where they are holding the Ballas there was a break out which left me falling from a Tower.

 I was away for some time from the city due to my wife, hopefully ex, is hunting me. I came back to the city and i got a tip off that there is going to be a final show down with the police and Ballas. It took ages for the police to come it felt like a old western show down with even the local shop was using cars to block its entrance. When they did all hell broke loose with a bunch of Ballas breaking away to come back later and a core lot of them holding down the fort fighting the police. The police brought their B side out as these Ballas were holding them off and winning. One Balla even gave himself up as he was bored of the Police and they shit training. After this event it shows the Police need to train better other wise other gangs are going to run over them. The Police were that bad i was even able to rob the Ballas shop and get into the club house where the shoot out was taking place. It all ending it tears and people shitting themselves which everyone can see from my Live footage. 

PS. CNN are wet wipe news reporters and Weazel news are on top. 


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The Race for Leadership

Many people are not happy with what is happening to the city or even the state of its current leadership. One man is ready and will to take action to make this city a better place for all. His Name is Vicent Fisher and will be ready for your votes when the election starts. 


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