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The end of an era

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A very big thank you to all of the wonderful people on Altis/Malden, I've have been so lucky to meet and have a blast with. I will never forget all the people and all of the amazing people who has been with me all along. Thank you to all of the countless patients I have been so lucky to help and assist, it has been a pleasure serving you. This is not a goodbye, but see you soon. 


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am concerned with my hours. But in all seriousness sad to see the RPUK ARMA is ending. was my first server and last server on arma i was apart of. Very sad to see it go but thank you to all thoses that made it happen. met a lot of people here and made some good mates along with help me with my social and communications problem's aswell.


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Arma is where it all started for me, have amazing memories of it and friends were I still to this day speak to almost every day.

Goodbye Altis/Malden and not to forget Tanoa kek lmao (was pretty good ngl) 💖

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The NHS was founded on 14th February 2014 and has been an active neutral party on the server most of the time. But we would like to take this time to step out of that and give some thankyous out


We would like to thank the Police for working and supporting the NHS and giving us some added protection over the years in some of the more sticky situations.


We would like to thank Poseidon for working with us and starting the well known catchphrase…


We would like to thank the NHS members who have helped the civilians of Altis and Malden.


But none of the NHS would be possible without the players. We want to thank them for making the time and situations always interesting for us and we hope we did the same.

There have been ups and downs but generally we feel that the NHS has helped every single person that has attended the server at least once with their multitude of injuries and in some cases just strange incidents, Harry Potter cars, NASA space programme failed attempts and just plain stubbed toes.


Some statistics from our records:

Total medics: 2,627

Students: 967

First Aiders: 625

Paramedics: 846

Surgeons: 83

Doctors: 106


From the CMO’s:

NHS members new and old, it has been an absolute pleasure working alongside you all. We would like to give a special thanks to CST’s, MTO’s, App Team members, AVM’s and RIC’s for their professional and time committed work over the years, we wish you all the best for your future.

We would also like to thank the Staff team and Dev team for working with us to get new shiny things added, fixing problems and supporting decisions. 

Last but not least Management for putting their trust in us to run the NHS for the time we have done.

See you in the future,

CMO. Jeffrey, CMO. Phoenix & CMO. Joe Cracker

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Well what a journey, from starting off with a few friends to being part of this community for 6+ years. I have loved playing on Arma including the swap over to Malden which was an amazing time despite the lack of numbers, I am gutted to see it go. I have met some great people through Arma and possibly made some enemies 😉 and sooo many good memories! 

Goodbye Arma 

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It has been a pleasure to play on the arma server, during the good and the bad times in this community! I've met so many people who'd I'd now honestly consider close friends now, who I tend to speak to day by day! Thanks to those who stuck by the server to the end, yall made it worth while and it's genuinely upsetting to say goodbye! However this isn't the end of the furry, I'll see yall on FiveM at some point ❤️

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I firstly want to say, Thank you! Thank you for everything, Management, Staff, Devs, the players EVERYBODY. I have had so much fun on arma, its a shame that arma is dying, however with the (Not confirmed) Arma 4 maybe coming out, theres still a chance. I have grown up with this community on Arma, ive had my fan in every single faction and enjoyed to be with people. This unfortunately is the end to a great era of arma, and a new one is incoming! 


-Staff Level 2 -201842022- Pilot-



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I am quite sad that due to some IRL stuff I couldn't (and can't) really be around the server's last moments.
I'd like to thank all the great people I've met on this community who made my time here so precious.
I've spent the a lot of my teenagehood on and off here - since I was 14 (past 6 years). This place has helped my confidence and my ability to express myself tremendously.

I've got a good old clip to make the ending a little sweeter:

I've had some brilliant moments here - this place will always be my favourite gaming community.
Goodbye Altis!

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It was a pleasure being able to play on the Altis server from the time I joined back in 2016, so many memories made and good times had. Also a big thank you goes out to the Development team, both the past and present teams for putting in god knows how many hours in a mainly thankless task but still persisting through it to increase the longevity of Arma as much as possible over the years. Lets just hope that Arma 4 isn't too far round the corner and has the same capacity for Roleplay as Arma 3 had. 

Au revoir! 😔

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Ex-Police Academy SI | Staff Level 3 | Ex-NHS Surgeon


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Sad  to see the server go, I was here towards end of 2019 and didn't have high expectations other than to honestly be a lttle shit and troll, but after my first day I had a fucking laugh, the RP scenarious I got into just on my first day were amazing and I'll never forget them, I've made some amazing friends in this community that I will never forget and It has helped me learn things THat I didn't even know about myself, RIP Arma, I'll miss it for sure and all the stupid funny shit, Peace out, hopefully see ya'll on Arma 4

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Experienced many things on RPUK, made friends, found love, got into a whole lot of weird situations and had my evenings filled with laughter. Thank you for all that.

Farewell RPUK, I will remember you as you were in your glory days and will surely think back of fondly. ❤️

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